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First Reaction To Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody THE BEST BY FAR!🔥😱

#Reacting To Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody #Bohemian Rhapsody #Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Is The Best #Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody First Reaction #Entertainment
Queen -- Bohemian Rhapsody FIRST (REACTION!) THE BEST!🔥WE'RE IN LOVE!!😱.
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by Chris&RheasiaTv 3 months ago

Keep in mind, this is all real voices, no auto tune, no synthesizers, just musicians with great voices

by XOZ Industries 2 weeks ago

“Remove your finger from the pause button, and step away from the keyboard”

by Gan Greene 3 weeks ago

"No homo" .. it's OK, Freddy wouldn't mind. 😂

by valdesigns 2 weeks ago

“it can’t get no better”
Freddie: “but it can darling”

by Erin Duran 3 weeks ago

WHO hasn't heard "Bohemian Rhapsody"?! Then he says: "No homo" and doesn't realize Freddie is gay lol! Great video guys!

by Bekah Doug 2 weeks ago

I still tear up when I listen to this and I’m 50 years old.
Freddie Mercury’s passing, huge loss to Humankind.

by Osun Kinnear 2 weeks ago

The only way I, a black man know this song word for word is due to my choir teacher making bet with a student that we wouldn’t get sweepstakes (meaning A’s across the board in contest) that year. Low and behold we did, so he and his poor wife (our concert piano player) had to learn, and teach us this song in 8 part harmony to perform at that year’s spring concert with added head banging choreo because why the hell not. 😂 It’s one of the few things that I get to show off that I learned in high school, like a language or something

by Shina Omisanya 2 weeks ago

Dude is all: "No homo" ..and... "Where da queen at tho?"

I'm over here like: Who's gonna be the one to tell him?

by Kayne Sovereign 1 week ago

How many of us wish we could hear this song for the first time like these two.

by chrono collision 1 month ago

A few years ago at a Green Day concert they played the instrumental of this song over the PA system while 60 thousand people waited for the concert to begin. Everyone in the audience sang the song. It was a moment out of time.

And now you know why this is one of the top 10 greatest rock songs in history. Strike that. Top 10 songs in history.

by CorsetGrace 2 weeks ago

The only band ever where all the members have written a number 1 single.

by stuart foster 2 weeks ago

Queen is one of the greatest bands ever. You never knew what to expect. They were creative enough to think of things no one else had ever done, brave enough to try them, and talented enough to pull it off

by Cindi Pettit 2 weeks ago

"Where the Queen at? Where the Queen at?" He's center stage darling!

by Steven Moeller 1 week ago

In short, this is what is called “a masterpiece”.

by byff2323 1 week ago

I have a hard time believing people haven't heard this song though

by Sampige Man 1 week ago

Your reactions to this song is by far the best I've seen, ever! Being a 50-year old white man that have heard this from birth, it's so weird to see these reactions to something that you yourself know so well. Your reflections on the lyrics are so enlightening. Love it. Keep posting more stuff.

by stefan hakola 2 weeks ago

"Is this opera?!"
Yes, actually. Also, the names used in that part are mostly from the Commedia d'ell Arte'. Scarramouche, Magnifico, etc etc are all akin to Harlequin.
It's an opera about the devil, science and clowns.

by Asura Syn 2 weeks ago

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