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Chloe x Halle - Do It (Remix - Official Audio) ft. Doja Cat, City Girls & Mulatto

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Official audio for "Do It (Remix)" by Chloe X Halle featuring Doja Cat, City Girls & Mulatto.
Listen & Download “Do It (Remix)” out now: https://chloexhalle.lnk.to/DoItRemix
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doja can fit any song period 💅🏻

by zaparty 1 month ago

Doja’s “This one sounds like a remixxx” at the beginning is underrated and her adlibs at the end

by afuathée 1 month ago

can't get tired of Doja's verse... the way she can ride any beat!? like who let out so many talent

by jentlehome 1 month ago

Doja's twin line actually was about Chloe and Halle she thought they were twins 😂💀

by jentlehome 1 month ago

I just know y’all didn’t run this by Beyoncé first.

by Asia Bell 1 month ago

Do black women's back hurt from carrying the music industry in 2020?

by esther ndegwa 1 month ago

i like doja and mulatto's verse but i feel like this isn't the city girls cup of tea imo. now if HER and Summer Walker or someone like that replaced them this would've been a BIG bop. imo.

by Yukiwired 1 1 month ago

It was Doja and latto for me 🤷🏽‍♀️

by Face by Kay 1 month ago

UNPOPULAR OPINION: jt carried the city girls verse

by michael evans 3 weeks ago

Rico Nasty would have been a vibe. Have Sza feat too.

by Crystal Lott 1 month ago


by Fun With Pushkal 1 month ago

Unpopular Opinion ALERT:

This could have been done without City Girls. I like love them both but not on this song

by _roseimilk 1 month ago

Not everybody can just hop on a beat and rap... in this case that person is miss yung miami 😭 i feel like she was rapping in slow motion 😩

by Petty Danny 1 month ago

This is what Saweetie’s “Tap In” line up should’ve been. CxH are nailing everything standing in quarantine. Congrats ladies.

by Jzon Azari 1 month ago

Miami was just trying something different and since y’all bashing her about her verse she’ll stick to the usual flow. SIMPLE!

by Fishstix Tube 1 month ago

Megan thee stallion and nicki would’ve killed this .

by jamyia h 1 month ago

JT did her part out of the city girls, miami could’ve did better. but shiii i still fw it🤷🏾‍♀️

by LengaDuhGoat ENT 1 month ago

Unpopular opinion: The City Girls verses were fine.

by Alex Hamilton 1 month ago

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