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tiktoks that made your grandma dab 👵🔥

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Brand new TikTok Compilation for March 2020!
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Welcome to my channel! I would like to thank my good friend Willanator for getting me into the TikTok compilation scene, he inspired me along with other TikTok compilation YouTubers such as FakeMeme, Succculent and Wifi Plug to try and create the funniest TikTok compilations in 2020.
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Chill Phill photo 1 tiktoks that made your grandma... Chill Phill photo 2 tiktoks that made your grandma... Chill Phill photo 3 tiktoks that made your grandma... Chill Phill photo 4 tiktoks that made your grandma...

Correct me if I'm wrong but all Karen's that I have seen have a husband named Tom, Steve, or Ron

by Jesse Hill 1 month ago

Me: Flicking at the camera trying to annoy my fbi agent

Randon voice coming from my speaker: Stop

by Gwyneth Gaming! 1 month ago

“Sing to me... PAOLO”
I fricken wheezed

by Toru Hagakure 2 months ago

"tik toks that will make your grandma dab"
my grandma: ~casually dabing in her casket~
me: 👁👄👁

by Miguel Bay 2 months ago

When she says a luke that isnt a f boy:

A boy in my class named luke, the smartest and is really independent:

Me: ....

by Lovinq_ Mizu 3 months ago

You know how Spanish people pronounce J as an H?
Does that mean Joe in Spanish is...?
Like if you know.

by Tarquin Clark 2 months ago

No one:
Tik tok ad of a boomer wearing dresses:

by Jeiel Bless 2 months ago

The “weird kid” in the tiktok that begins at is Flake Lorenz, lol.

by Autumn Phillips 1 month ago

“A trey that doesn’t play basketball”

Hey I’m trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow

by Skadushfish ü 2 months ago

We ain't gonna talk about the Diary of Wimpy Kid cast and there not being papi Rodrick?

by SleepyStarzz 2 months ago

subtitles: “Man I feel like Obama”

by SockJean 3 months ago

, every time I start to cry, I’m going to picture this. I am 67% sure that it will make me feel better 😂

by 70% Sparky 2 months ago

“The boys are just playing video games all quarantine”
I guess I’m a boy then

by Shining 3 months ago

hey my name is trey and I have a basketball game Tomorrow I’m point guard

by Abdullah Khan 3 months ago

So were not going to talk about zack leaving the virgin group
(Edit:how did this already get more than 100 likes i mean i dont know zack but than i'm happy for him)

by Mimi Katenda 3 months ago

No one:
Not a single soul:

by Rogahh Taylahh 3 months ago

That “duck” is a goose. How could you

by pwodaksl 2 months ago

I was confused so I turned my volume all the way up...

by Weird Person 2005 3 months ago

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