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Santosh Shah Enters the Finals | BBC Masterchef UK Full HD

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Santosh Shah Enters the Finals | BBC Masterchef UK Full HD

Chef Planet photo 1 Santosh Shah Enters the Finals... Chef Planet photo 2 Santosh Shah Enters the Finals... Chef Planet photo 3 Santosh Shah Enters the Finals... Chef Planet photo 4 Santosh Shah Enters the Finals...

Hopefully this will inspire nepali people in the US to stop selling Indian food and start selling nepali food🤦🏻‍♀️
Edit: likes ko lai dhanyabaad🤗

by Himalayan Keti 4 months ago

We Nepalese people always underestimated our culture, tradition & cuisine..
Respect our culture, tradition, and cuisine... That's what he did!!
I salute you, sir.
And hopefully, you win the fight.♥️

by Bhawesh Fombo Subba 4 months ago

Just proves Nepali taste has been undiscovered yet by the World chefs

by Porash S 3 months ago

Yamari, mashu ko jhol, chicken chilly common dishes in nepal just some twist and ur ready to represent Nepal in final.

by samir shrestha 4 months ago

Nepalese never disappoint.

by Ajay Ban 4 months ago

Proud to be Nepalese . Huge respect to santosh Shah sir for representing nepal in the world🥰🥰🥰🥰

by Niran Thapa 3 months ago

Why is he still not viral??? Bestest wishes Santosh Shah!!!

by Sonam Sonam 4 months ago

Santosh entered final because of his talent and experience and Nepali diversity of food.

by Cynthia Mathers 4 months ago

Of all the best flavours that Santosh has delivered, his killer smile is the best ! Nepalese are well known for their humbleness which can be seen in his smile. You've made us Proud, Santosh. All our Best Wishes are with you !

by Prakash Paudyal 4 months ago

He is not viral yet cause he is to be FAMOUS❤️🔥

by Prasun Pantha 4 months ago

Finally Nepali indigenous food is being introduced in master chef. Nepali food are really good, tasty n healthy too.. thankyou chef santosh for your hard work n dedication n love for country.. congratulation too

by rainbow 22 4 months ago

All of us try different type food in world but no nepali food ,this is how sontosh prove that nepali food is best in gobal.

by Warzon Player 4 months ago

I’m here for santosh. We all Nepali wish him very best of luck for finale. Love from nepal 🇳🇵

by Lobsang Dhonden 3 months ago

You will surely win Santosh Shah with all your skills and Nepali Culture. Love and vote from Nepal🇳🇵.

by Pranique Shrestha 4 months ago

Proud of u representing Nepalese dishes.
Love from Nepal.
You win millions of heart already.💞💞
All the best for finals.

by Dr.Bigyan Acharya 4 months ago

I've no words to express ...Thank you for giving us this moment chef... we are so proud of you ...

by Bharat Upreti 4 months ago

Santosh is representing our NEPAli food in international level.For sure we all feel hella proud of him❤❤❤.

by Anjali Maka 3 months ago

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