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What Nat'l Security Legislation Means for HK People

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China's top political advisory body, which concludes its annual session this afternoon, has made decisions on the most pressing issues including public, national and economic security. A draft move to introduce national security legislation for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is under deliberation at China's national legislature during its ongoing annual session. Will the legislation create a more law-based and stable business environment? Could Hong Kong maintain its status as a global financial hub? Will it help restore confidence? Tian Wei talked with David Chiu Tat-cheong, the head of Far East Consortium International and a CPPCC Member.
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China should step in the sooner the better in order to close this back door to foreign interference.

by NGUON LAM 3 months ago

This is great news. USA will have to leave HK in peace

by Nucke4 3 months ago

HK residents who are unhappy should pack up and leave. US , Taiwan and their western allies will welcome all of you with open arms. Let us see how happy you all will be there. Stop destroying HK and the people who wants to live there peacefully and happily.

by Jerry Low 3 months ago

Finish and stop useing the old colonial laws.

by Anna Rock 3 months ago

This legislation means peace-loving HK citizens can look forward to better days ahead. HK will be rid of thugs and traitors.

by Dimitri Ivanov 3 months ago

Everything very well said by Mr David Chiu.

by Cedric Wai 3 months ago

What the new law means for the Hokkien people in North Point is that our shops and our people will now be protected from the US-sponsored rioters and US-funded terrorists.

by Edgar Edgar 3 months ago

How long would the UK have tolerated violent terrorism on the streets of London? How long would the US have tolerated violent terrorism on the streets of New York? All of the chaos caused by foreign meddling in their affairs.

by Brian Bees 3 months ago

Kick the cia, mi6, 5eyes,
moss add etc out of HK

by Bee be Cee 3 months ago

That's what I'm saying the quicker the better. China wake up before USA kill the bill again.

by Blue Mental 3 months ago

I watch a short documentary about the war in 1840, of how China was forced to sign off HK to Great Britton. China is not weak anymore, and I'm quite sure they know what's best for HK at this time. The sooner they pass this Law is the better it is.

by Norris Hohn 3 months ago

All things will be better for HK future with the HK national security law.

by Yeung Wai-Man 3 months ago

How come nobody has voiced the unilateral laws which US imposes itself on other nations and threatening China on HK which is China's territory.

by Hati KL 3 months ago

No reason for China to destroy Hong Kong But some Western countries that the US leads wants to destroy Hong Kong by supporting some politicians and activists in Hong Kong to create chaos.

by Prasit Koysiripong 3 months ago

Spot on David Chiu. You are right all along. China must take action before things can out of hand by those secessionists. Give no room for outsiders and instigators like CiA , Ned and their bias and fake western mainstream media to disrupt Hk as part of the region of China.

by ted su 3 months ago

The US will try to exploit these riots under their "containment strategy of China".
Send in the secret police to dig out the foreign spies sponsoring these riots.

by joel dong 3 months ago

We Americans 🇺🇸 should stay out of this Chinese 🇨🇳 issue about Hong Kong 🇭🇰 🇨🇳

by MAHIMA AHMED 3 months ago

❗IMPORTANT: The so called "1997 handover agreement signed between UK and China about Hong Kong" is an absolutely bogus "agreement" based on the presumption that the UK "governed" Hong Kong. Well here's the facts - Did China sign any "agreement" with the British Empire to let it "govern" Hong Kong casually? NO! In the early 1800's the Empire INVADED China, ROBBED Hong Kong and made it it's colony... China is being too kind and formal by legislating a new National Security law and formally applying it to include the Hong Kong within its Security scope. Hopefully, this law will enable China to PURGE the supranational terrorist organizations like CIA/NED, MI6, Mossad, NATO agents, from Hong Kong that funded and trained these local terrorists, aka the "Protesters" to destabilize the government😡 These supranational terrorist organisations mentioned above, are using the same playbook they did in the past - they propped up Mujahideen in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda in Libya, ISIS in Syria; and now, the Anti-China Rioters. Same tactics, same people, same channels and institutions.

by Lost Cause 3 months ago

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