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Draft decision on HK national security legislation submitted to NPC

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A draft decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to safeguard national security was submitted to China's top legislature for deliberation on Friday.
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Hongkongers brought it upon themselves, they should've stopped once the bill was withdrawn by Carrie Lam. China acted within the provisions of the Joint-Declaration which provided for Chinese intervention if emergency was declared by the HK government

by 習瘟神 4 months ago

Those young HK rebels would be in their 50s by 2049, don't know if their children would curse them death by then, for destroying their future?

by Uriah Siner 4 months ago

The special privileges to HK with their own traditional colonial uniform (police and army) and system should now be reviewed since these youngsters still think they are still being governed by British master!

by Lim Hany 4 months ago

About time
HK needs more rules and order
If HK residents want to leave
Please leave

by 6packter 4 months ago

Interesting to see if those rebel leaders would stay and fight like men or run away to the US as cowards. Those 89 rebel leaders ran away for your info, instead of dying for the cause

by Dai Nippon Teikoku 4 months ago

Last year I was getting more and more furious at China for not stepping in and stop the riots. Finally, China is doing something. Go hard on the rioters. Kick out the foreign agents. Restore order.

by Good Life 4 months ago

Finally!!! don't let our fellow Chinese in HK continue to suffer... put the end to this madness and hypocrisy

by Elv Ent 4 months ago

Support China ! Support HK government !👍👍

by YKH Lee 4 months ago

Xi will bring peace and order back to Hong Kong!

by Edward Tay 4 months ago

The Western wanted to ruin China, and wanted to make the World hate China..it an old tactic..end up the world hate US and it allies.

by Bern Koh 4 months ago

Why wait for so long to constitutionalize this national security law on Hong Kong 🇭🇰? I am very glad to finally see China 🇨🇳 impose national security law on HK to stop foreign powers to manipulate dumb HK traitors destroying China 🇨🇳 and HK development, peace and prosperity. 🙏👍💪. Long live China. Love ❤️ China 🇨🇳 from Canada 🇨🇦

by M9 4 months ago

Congratulations!!! a win for South Est Asia.. Don't allow western influence divide the Asian nation again.. It was the Western nations UK and US who posted the previous Dictators in Asia to made themselves appear to be the heroes.. but they have been the perpetrators since WW2.... HK super stupid to follow a collapsing US government.

by SalesPros 4 months ago

Support HK Police! Support HK National Security Laws🙏

by Summer Perennial 4 months ago

Free New York, Free California, Free Texas, Free Florida, Free Illinois. Five independent countries, not one less! Revolution of our time!

by AmeriKKKa Fascist State 4 months ago

I love how outraged some people on the internet are becoming over this initiative.
Yeah, sure, China should just sit back and watch as an openly-US-backed insurrectionary movement rampages through one of its territories whilst doing nothing.

by ARVSPEX 4 months ago

The youngsters failed to recognised that they are part of China while giving the privileges of western democracy! Now this is at risk because these people think they can have all while not respecting Beijing authority! With riots and western influence China has no choice now and review the freedom given to them previously! Unfortunately really!

by Lim Hany 4 months ago

japanese, koreans, chinese, and similar races, dont forget how you all are targeted during the early days of the pandemic.... and still

by vegash g 4 months ago

The World must defeat the "Two-Legged Viruses" of the Western liberal democracy.

by Dragon52 4 months ago

Extradition bill is the way to stop those Criminal(犯罪分子) and fugitive(逃犯贱/者)have did the crime and work with foreign organization which using teenager work for those fugitive .this is why those protester started anti-extradition bill. They sell own nation and themself to USA as slavery.
They will retribution.

by Matthew Peung 4 months ago

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