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Chinese companies caught between China-U.S. tensions

#DonaldTrump #5G #TikTok #Vaccine #News & Politics
Given Trump's ban is just the latest move in a series of attacks on China and Chinese companies, how can Chinese businesses brace themselves in an increasingly volatile environment?
Guest, Michael O'Hanlon
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Margaret Kimberly
Senior Columnist, Black Agenda Report
Thomas Luo
Co-Founder & CEO, PingWest
Zhao Hai
Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
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CGTN photo 1 Chinese companies caught between China-U.S.... CGTN photo 2 Chinese companies caught between China-U.S.... CGTN photo 3 Chinese companies caught between China-U.S.... CGTN photo 4 Chinese companies caught between China-U.S....

Let’s not over-analyse this latest US gesture. The fact is that it’s yet another provocative anti-Chinese propaganda exercise.

by Richard Sheehan 17 hours ago

Microsoft wants tiktok where has Chinese government come in,its USA gorverment

by Simiyu Pius 16 hours ago

40 years China Closed doors for investment and no development .
Now The West Closed his Heart and Mind to China and Calling Allies to Bully China ,No 5G or I crash you huhuhu

by fat sen 16 hours ago

US can't compete & TikTok didn't want to sell themselves, so US ban them, that free trade according to the west

by Malaka Tan 16 hours ago

Time American companies were caught between US-China tensions.

by Anon 16 hours ago

d. trump demonstrates to the world "the steal of the art", he doesn't make america great , bu "Shame"

by cheong choi 17 hours ago

“we lie, we cheat, and we steal.” said Pompeo.
Snowden: “we already knew it.”

by Humgarchaun Lor 12 hours ago

“Democracy in the land of the free”,
“how to piss-off 800 million young people”

The facts:- TicTok is very popular with teenagers and people in their ‘20’s. The White House has told Bytedance to sell TikTok to a US company, or it will be banned from operating in the U.S. In less than 18 months, the number of American TikTok users has grown 5.5 times to 15 million, with many deleting their FB app.

TicTok is no different in the way it operates to any other app.
In the case of U.S. subscribers, TicTok stores all its U.S. subscriber data in the U.S., and its servers are located in Singapore.

In China there are more than 200 million VPN’s, which the Chinese government legally allow individuals to use to access apps not generally available in China without a VPN.

The U.S has sanctions and/or embargoes on over 30 countries. If a nation does not do what the U.S. tells it to do, the country will, in all likelihood, be sanctioned.

The U.S has over 200,000 US troops, in 800 military bases, in 70 countries, costing US$24.4 billion in the 2020 fiscal year. By contrast, China has 1 (Djibouti) overseas base. Russia has 21 bases that are outside of Russia, mostly in the former Soviet Union countries and 1 base in Vietnam.

by Craig Winstanley 17 hours ago

China invented Beidou, 5g, tiktok, USA stealing Chinese technology wow 😜😜😜

by jerry daniel 17 hours ago

"We Lie, We Cheat and We Stole" that makes America great

by mrblurblur2003 14 hours ago

Time for China to shut Apple down. That will bring Apple down really fast.

by Cray Fish 17 hours ago

Trumptart and pompoo' virus are bringing the whole world down

by G Skylexkk 13 hours ago

Hope people dont forget Snoowden and Iraq wmds.

by john franklin 16 hours ago

Trump is just trying to drum up emotions in support of him, ahead of the election, by making China a scapegoat.

by TC Lim 7 hours ago

The US Regime can't stand China's success.

by Mega Fan 11 16 hours ago

CHINA makes all kinds of great things, america makes sanctions and WAR.

by Timothy Seeger 11 hours ago

The death freedom in US

by Tan Ming 18 hours ago

Fight the
all together.

by Bee be Cee 16 hours ago

TikTok should close US operation and set up operations in HK to allow US users use VPN for accessing the systems.

by Michael Law 11 hours ago

Where is the tik for tak response from China? For US ban Mcdonald, KFC, etc for UK ban HSBC.

by Tony At Google 11 hours ago

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