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Primary Elections Explained

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Sooo... Why are we allowing votes to be tampered with by delegates? That sounds like a good source of corruption.

by Djabooty Lebowski 5 years ago

Why the hell are there delegates? Doesn't seem very democratic to me.

by Y8R 4 years ago

The US government goes up for sale every four years

by Allen Lichner 4 years ago

This is one hell of a rigged system.

by random 4 years ago

Quantum physics is simpler. WTF.

by K Russell 4 years ago

So my vote means...basically nothing if a guy with a big fancy hat doesn't feel like listening to me.

by Stephen Goralski 4 years ago

This is why I work with computers.

by Houdini111 4 years ago

All delegates should be required to vote as the citizens request. The fact that they can do as they like is complete crap and should be illegal.

by Spawny 4 years ago

"The party with the most votes becomes the nominee"

Bernie in Iowa, in 2020....

by Yilmaz Ayten 5 months ago

So, let me get this straight: My people and I can vote all we want for "Joe", but at the end the Delegate and Super Delegate can do whatever they want!

That is the most deceived system in the world.

by ultimatrompeta 4 years ago

So what's the point in voting if the delegates get to choose who they want to elect?

by sam 4 years ago

We seriously need to simplify the way things work in this country.

by laserwolf65 5 years ago

I was kinda offended at the corn comment as an Iowan myself but then I remember my school is surrounded by corn fields

by Meowchi 6 years ago

Being non-US, this help me understand what is going on in the latest season of House of Cards. 

by Aldrich Allen Barcenas 5 years ago

I can see the hate for superdelegates, and can understand why they aren't good for a true democracy, but I see it as a way for people who are in the system (and therefore, know a lot more than the average person about what is needed in a candidate at any given time) to get a voice in who they think is the best. I'm not sure if it's entirely wrong or used for that purpose of "we know better, so our choices should matter more", but I can see the utility in their existence in a primary.

by LazerLord10 3 years ago

It really should be a direct election. Back in the day they had delegates because you couldn't really know too much about the candidates and people would just vote for the person from their state, but now that's not a problem.

by Joe Kennedy 5 years ago

Man... Is it just  me or the US has a very complicated electoral system?

by astroman0500 5 years ago

I wonder how american idol would be like if they had a voting system like this :D

by Xsion IvyRen 4 years ago

In Australia we have a federal election every 3 or so years in which you can choose which party you want to vote for. The party with the most seats wins. That's it. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.

by Hughseph Niko 5 years ago

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