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DaBaby on live with B Simone‼️ Calls her BAE👀

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B. Simone:* joins*
B. Simone: Hey boo

by Jurnee Swoopes 9 months ago

Listen Da Baby is feeling her, B.Simone got his attention by “acting desperate” now she letting him do the chasing. She is a legend in a making and that’s ON EVERYTHING and he see’s it.

by Hand Stand 9 months ago

Imagine daBaby asking you why you didn’t call him back last night.... IMAGINE Not answering the phone immediately

by Alura You don’t need to know. 9 months ago

“When you coming back over here.. to this side” she changed that real quick mmhmmmmm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉

by Melanin Queen 9 months ago

Calling that man by his government name and all that

by MrSoloDolo 9 months ago

She talk to him like she his wife fr lolz cute

by Alicia C 9 months ago

I think B has a crush on him, and wouldn’t be surprised if he did like her too, they’re both very attractive. They’re marketing geniuses 😅 definitely would be great business partners!

by Teara White 9 months ago

she trying act all mature knowing damn well she get off the phone & scream like a teenager after talking to him.

by New New414 9 months ago

It's soooo many groupies that loved her gonna hate her now

by Sheldon Allison 9 months ago

Looks like she found herself a BOOOOYYYYYFFRRRIIIEENNDDDD

by Zay _1k 9 months ago

I’m only here because I’m still disappointed she didn’t choose “Thug Love” on her show 😂💯

by Kwon 7 9 months ago

She said We aint ACTING NO MORE

by Red Wine 9 months ago

They just seems like good friends. But if people see something more I can agree.

by goodnight Sir 9 months ago

“ when you coming back over here... over this side of town” 😂😂😂😂

by Jas Cash 9 months ago

Y’all gassing it 😂, dababy just a flirt 💀

by Leaa Burch 9 months ago

"I didn't expect anything less that's crazy" lmaoo i love her

by Destiny Rucker 9 months ago

It may have started as just a marketing strategy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start dating 🥰

by Nastacia Ruiz 9 months ago

I’m a romantic at heart and I think they are friends but they would make a good couple when he gets the play out of his system.

by N. EW 9 months ago

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