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Reddit bans pro-Trump community "The Donald" in hate speech crackdown

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Reddit banned "The_Donald," a pro-Trump forum with over 790,000 users during a hate speech crackdown in which it took down several groups that it says violated the site's rules of conduct. The site says the group violated its policies by allowing people to target and harass others.

#reddit #targeting #harassment #the donald #forum #hate speech #the_donald #rules of conduct #crackdown #trump

CBS This Morning photo 1 Reddit bans pro-Trump community CBS This Morning photo 2 Reddit bans pro-Trump community CBS This Morning photo 3 Reddit bans pro-Trump community CBS This Morning photo 4 Reddit bans pro-Trump community

It’s a new day when corporate America leads the way to moral integrity....

by hazel green 12 hours ago

That’s what they’re banning on reddit? There’s so much worse on there lol

by I'm James 11 hours ago

FYI, anything that doesn't fit the narrative coming from the progressive left is considered hate speech.

by my hero 10 hours ago

Yeah it looks like my generation crowd used to play dungeons & dragons when they were Young, today they can't live in the real world

by Dr.D Fargo 11 hours ago

OMG ..Her BLUE GLASSES ? ..That's the REAL story here LMAO

by Russ 11 hours ago

man this is too funny all I ever hear is racism and discrimination and you're the senior that from the left including presidential harassment and bullying now threatening us

by Dr.D Fargo 11 hours ago

It’s in their company policy. Like y’all say, “follow the rules and you can be here” oh, the hypocrisy.

by Realest Reviews 10 hours ago

Vote blue if you want a communism people telling you how to think, what to say and how to feel.

by A N 11 hours ago

This year has me loving Mattis and reddit, everything is truly upside down

by Zoe CC 10 hours ago

"The campaign app" Oooo so the Trump team is going all secrete messaging with their dog whistling now, eh?

by gymkhanadog 11 hours ago

They don’t want trump to win a second term so they need to ban him from reaching his supporters. Very dangerous game we are playing here

by That Guy Over There 11 hours ago

If big tech can censor any group they please which goes against freedom of speakers in America shouldn’t that company get censored out of America. Idk I’m a believer in a eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

by Thomas Watkins 10 hours ago

This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats.
Silicon Valley wants to topple the US Govt.

by chiffmonkey 3 hours ago

“Mother, should I trust the Media?”

by Brett 10 hours ago

Here we go with the water works !!! Fake outrage !!! We're do I go for my fake news now!!! Just a FYI it was a meme site not a pro tRump site

by Roy Rodgers 11 hours ago

What happened to freedom of speech? So should we shut down these sites

by phaythoune t 13 hours ago

Take a look at all the Biden campaign videos. 90% have comments turned off. Censorship is how the Democrats govern the people.

by sino rich 12 hours ago

The_Donald community was targeted, same as the other subreddits that got the axe. This is about the Left trying to stifle free speech before an election.

by sino rich 13 hours ago

Beige Hair today, 🤯 Look Out he's gonna spit some slippery 🍌

by Diamond Lil 13 hours ago

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