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How to spot ATM skimming fraud

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Your bank account could be at risk of a scam that is growing in popularity -- ATM skimming. Your bank card can be duplicated then used for purchases without your knowledge. New data show incidents of the crime have increased by more than 500 percent in one year. CBSN's Josh Elliott reports.

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CBS This Morning photo 1 How to spot ATM skimming... CBS This Morning photo 2 How to spot ATM skimming... CBS This Morning photo 3 How to spot ATM skimming... CBS This Morning photo 4 How to spot ATM skimming...

She was offended that someone wanted to protect their livelihood. Yes, mock those of us who try to stop all points of theft.

by Calvin the Cow-Cat 2 years ago

The penalty for skimming should be amputated hands; at the wrist.

by Karl Hao 2 years ago

That's a lie about chipped cards. Some places, like my Disney store, don't even need those chips. So...but be careful out there people.

by OlsenMania 3 years ago

Offended because that person has no idea who you are and you could IN FACT be looking over her shoulder. Why wouldn't you protect yourself any way you can?.

by Ranger75 4 years ago

Seems like an inside job they talk about the machine that's put over the slot but they don't talk about the camera where is the camera that's catching you answering your pan? If they're using the store that's housing the ATM machine camera then it's an inside job

by M. Low 2 years ago

Gets to the point at . WHY DO THEY WASTE OUR TIME?

by yixnorb 2 years ago

Yes, cards with microchips CAN also be duplicated in the same way. Mine was.
Also... why is Gayle offended that some lady was covering her pin# I do it all the time. Don't take it so personal Gayle! Geesh!!

by Maria A. 2 years ago

At , I had a โ€œWait, that guy sounds familiarโ€ moment. Then I realized he was in those old Play Value videos years back!

by Aaron Stark 2 years ago

All because of such an arcane outdated system, that they still make us use!

by the artist 1 year ago

About a dozen years ago I was approached by a woman in the parking garage for my apartment building who expressed her anger with me for pushing the button on my key fob to arm the alarm of my car. She took it as a personal offense that I was locking the car because she was nearby and not because I was leaving the car in the parking lot to go home.

After 5 minutes of her little mini tirade, my only lesson was is that these people exist... person who feel victimized by intent, injured by their own imaginations.

by BVSchaefer 2 years ago

surprise surprise- it was a black person who was offended, reverse racism.

by volcano hi 2 years ago

Bro get'm n beat'm lile our parents use to when we did something wrong. Great job finding it!!!!!! You get a giant blessin when u go n meet saint peter!!! Again, awsome job.

by John Wallingford 2 years ago

only problem is that all chiped card still has the mag strip and most places you cant use the chip in the card so yes it still can be copyed

by Ricky Bennett 4 years ago

My friend is so paranoid he keeps all his money in his mattress so if someone trys to grab it they stab themselves only he knows the right way to put his hand in

by Arthur morgan 5 months ago

I've never had a single problem using cash.

It can't be hacked, duplicated or used for identity theft.

by Michael Clark 2 years ago

I think smart phones are personal enough as it is. To use it as an ATM too. I'm guessing it's a matter of time before someone figured how to steal the information off the phone without your knowing too. Much like this ATM skimming.

by holohulolo 4 years ago

I have no money on my card anyway ๐Ÿ˜‚

by El 2 years ago

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