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Doctor dispels food myths and shares what you should eat

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There are a lot of myths when it comes to food. CBS News' Anne-Marie Green sits down with Dr. Mark Hyman, the author of "Food: What the heck should I eat?" in the Toyota Green Room to debunk some of them.
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CBS This Morning photo 1 Doctor dispels food myths and... CBS This Morning photo 2 Doctor dispels food myths and... CBS This Morning photo 3 Doctor dispels food myths and... CBS This Morning photo 4 Doctor dispels food myths and...

He just exposed one of the biggest industries ever , don’t be surprised when this guy one day “commits suicide” or comes up missing.

by John Albarran 11 months ago

I’m amazed at the food they serve to hospital patients. And the cafeteria is a joke. Absolutely insane.

by Kay John 1 year ago

This is exactly why I'm majoring in nutrition and minoring in microbiology as a pre-med.

by Baylee S 1 year ago

Here’s what I do and I’m 68 years old, I’m healthy and my numbers are perfect.... I do OMAD,
(One meal a day) I don’t deprive myself from anything, but I do watch my sweets and I don’t do fast food or junk food. But I eat practically everything else. The trick is fasting, you need to give your body a rest from constantly digesting food. Autophagy, learn about that, they found that fasting mice live longer than mice eating three times a day.

by Ruben Vargas 1 year ago

Hey, my old boss....I worked with Dr Mark Hyman at Canyon Ranch! An amazing guy!

by Carolee Hubbard 1 year ago

Interact w/ doctors for several years. What I learned is they're not there to show you optimal health. That's not what they're trained for. They're highly paid Disease Technicians. That's not an insult but straight up truth. People need to go back eating simple again to reclaim their health.

by 40Duce Trey 2 years ago

Excellent!!!!! Shocked that mainstream has even allowed this MD to be this vocal!!!!! Every mainstream channel should publicize him!!! Great info!

by Eartha Dickerson 1 year ago

I actually think she did a great job keeping my interest. And it's very helpful information

by Naila Kaliyeva 1 year ago

This was a really great interview. So much relevant information provided👍🏽

by pdid2020 1 year ago

Love Dr Hyman- great that you had him on promoting book! He truly cares about us and our kids not eating nutritionally deficient garbage anymore! Our food supply has been hijacked by by billionaires who only care about making 💰. It started in the 1950's when processed foods made lots of money. Thanks Dr, Hyman, one of the brave doctors getting the word out why we are sick with cancer, heart disease, etc. Look around you, do you need more proof ?

by Liz Lorraine 2 years ago

Dr Ken Berry MD also has excellent podcasts toward healthy foods.

by Carolyn Anders 1 year ago

We need more medical Doctors like Dr. Hyman. I hope you get your own television show.

by daryl indes 1 year ago

I don’t usually read, but I am going to buy this and read it.

by Germain Gonzalez 11 months ago

Another book to buy!

by PM R 2 years ago

I was a vegetarian/frequent vegan/grainatarian for 35 years. I ate whole grains, tofu, lots and lots of fruit, canola and other seed oils & etc. At the end I was 35 pounds heavier than I wanted to be and was pre-diabetic. I had arthritis, gum disease, and lots and lots of illness from inflammation. I started to wonder how long it would be before I got Alzheimers. I read the book Wheat Belly and investigated Paleo and Keto. Now I eat tons of veges, meat, all the eggs I want, lots of coconut oil, very little fruit, virtually no carbs, absolutely no sugar and no dairy. The pre-diabetes is absolutely gone. I lost the weight. Now at 71 my blood glucose levels are perfect, I take no medicines, and I can't remember the last time I had a cold. Gum disease has gone away, and no more cavities (Hey, I still have some teeth). Government dietary guidelines are formed from corporate greed. These guidelines look so absurd to me now.

by Panama Fred 1 year ago

Duce, what you stated is true. The doctors are there to treat you not cure. If they cure you then you do not need them and they are out applying for a job at Walmart.

by Ivona Holm 1 year ago

great thoughts!

by Lifey 1 year ago

She's soo awesome, and good-hearted. Great interview.

by Lindamorena 4 months ago

This was actually helpful.

by N 3XSQ 1 year ago

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