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Philly Mom Known For ‘Epic’ $25,000 Prom Party Charged With Social Security Fraud

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A Philadelphia woman known for her lavish parties, including her son's $25,000 prom party, has been charged with Social Security fraud.

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CBS Philly photo 1 Philly Mom Known For ‘Epic’... CBS Philly photo 2 Philly Mom Known For ‘Epic’... CBS Philly photo 3 Philly Mom Known For ‘Epic’... CBS Philly photo 4 Philly Mom Known For ‘Epic’...

40 yrs in prison for taking $ 37,000.huh! The couple that stole"Go fund me" money from the homeless guy should be looking at the death penalty with that kind of logic. WTF!

by Lisa Jessick 2 years ago

The lawyers beard is problematic

by Mel S 2 years ago

She stole and got caught. She alone is to blame for her predicament

by Elijah Rahming 2 years ago

To whoever is reading this comment, thank you for staying elevated in peace and love. We need more of your energy spreading. Thank you friend ✌❤ - Zach Van Harris JR

by Zach Van Harris JR 2 years ago

Social media strikes again! At some point these fools will realize how foolish flexing for the gram really is.

by Mark Jackson 2 years ago

40 years fo 37k ,I ve seen people steal 100s of hundred in fed court and get restitution and probation.

by Dre Cool 2 years ago

She had cancer and was disabled. She applied for disability. ...but instead of sitting around doing nothing. ...she started a successful business. Why not just cut her off social security and make her pay the money back. The sentence doesn't fit the crime. Praying for her

by Real Estate Answers 2 years ago

Wow!!! red beard & white lips... good luck in the court room

by My Journey His Way 2 years ago

That’s what she gets putting it all over Facebook like she was some kind celebrity that’s what u get woman

by Amber Smith 2 years ago

That's her attorney?! 😂😂😂 she's gonna get 80 years for hiring that clown

by Wade Higgins 2 years ago

She picked the perfect lawyer. I wish I could watch these two be utterly decimated in court.

by C86 2 years ago

40 years!?!? Why not cut the payments off and make her repay what was already sent her way? This doesn’t make sense

by Josh Benson 2 years ago

“You can’t take what’s not yours” that’s a real quote from a real person

by 32 32 2 years ago

Someone who “gives so much?” She said she was disabled so took SSI. If she could work a business, she was not entitled to the money.

by Charlotte Vale 2 years ago

Damn them platters gon be even higher now😭😂Saud😏😏why you go out like that

by sexythirtytwo 2 years ago

They had a camel in Philly. I'm done.

by Grim Reaper 2 years ago

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