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White House says Trump was not told about alleged Russian bounties

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The White House says President Trump was never told about possible intel that Russia offered money to Taliban-linked fighters to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joins CBSN to talk about the latest.
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CBS News photo 1 White House says Trump was... CBS News photo 2 White House says Trump was... CBS News photo 3 White House says Trump was... CBS News photo 4 White House says Trump was...

Those background sirens are quite the metaphor for what's happening in our country right now.

by Jeff B 1 weeks ago

"who knew Russia was capable of such a thing?"

by ap 1 weeks ago

Lie!!!lie. ,!!! Lie. Lie!!! Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie!!!

by Kathy Kaylor 1 weeks ago

It all boils down to the "PISSING GATE". -QMFT

by JPMoron 1 weeks ago


by karen Tiede 1 weeks ago

5 days later..everybody has been 'briefed' ( even you n me) - WTF is going to HAPPEN now?

by Lafayette Mitchell 1 weeks ago

I'm not surprised that he said Scump doesnt like to read.

by David Poggi 1 weeks ago

Kayleigh McEnany (BS Barbie) is the Ms. Information Minister of the US.

by Oldan Slo 1 weeks ago

He wasn’t verbally told, but he did have it in writing. But much like Jared, 19. He cannot read.

by Souptaculars 1 weeks ago

He knows all he does is watch the news when hes not golfing while the tax papers pay the bill

by norzzie D 1 weeks ago

Then someone needs to fired 🤷 and or jailed

by Joe Blow 1 weeks ago

That's normal if Security Services consider it to be untrue or the intelligence community can't verify it as true

by Brian 1 weeks ago

Ah the good old sargent Shultz defence " I KNOW NOTHING ".

by Paul Thomas 1 weeks ago

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