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Watch live: Fauci and health officials update Senate on returning to work and school amid COVID

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Top health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation's top infectious diseases experts, will be testifying Tuesday morning before the Senate to offer an update on progress that's been made in moving the nation toward returning to work and school.
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CBS News photo 1 Watch live: Fauci and health... CBS News photo 2 Watch live: Fauci and health... CBS News photo 3 Watch live: Fauci and health... CBS News photo 4 Watch live: Fauci and health...

It's okay for parents to take care of their children and educated them at home.

by Rochella Glover 1 week ago

Back in the day they home schooled & no problems. Have their own teacher's teach online also not other teacher's

by Maria Hernandez 1 week ago

Cuomo just said large MALLS with THOUSANDS of people can open if they just get a HEPA filter. Someone needs to sue Cuomo.

by Tommy Lopez 1 week ago

They want us to spread the word, what's the word?
B-b-b-bird bird bird, bird is the word....

by Pa P 1 week ago

They're so full of it. They NEED to what's RIGHT for Everyone not just for some.

by Maria Hernandez 1 week ago

US adds 4.8M jobs in June, unemployment rate falls to 11.1%

by Ariel Lima 1 week ago

when do we get to stop pretending that this is a serious health crisis ?

by Brookline G 1 week ago

it's about money how many of them will put they kids lives on the line for money

by Rose Wren 1 week ago

I like Mr Paul. He's always a lone voice. Would you like a coffee Mr Paul? I resent you assuming I would prefer that drink

by Tom G 1 week ago

They don't want the fear to end and they know the economy is roaring back quickly so they must do any and everything to stop it.

by Pray4 theUSA 1 week ago

They say school is good to interact with other kids well they got to stay 6 ft apart they cant interact anyway keep them home till a shot comes out

by susan krause 2 days ago

we need to go back to school !

by babygurl R 1 week ago

When my grandson started school thats when he started swaring and getting sick a lot and lice kids can remote learn till a shot im older

by susan krause 1 week ago

Even if there was a vaccine the anti vaccine parents wouldn’t use it!

by Scuba Steve 1 week ago

One size fits all policy??? And yet the death rate in Democrat States is 7 times that of Republican States. Do the math and shove your politics.

by Communism Enslaves & Murders 1 week ago

They got all the excuses in the world just to bring this NWO in place...

by Lina Dur 1 week ago

What about the children who only have one parent who can't afford to lose them have no one else you're asking us to send our kids to school with a chance they may or may not get it and bring it back home to their only parent you're crazy nothing but murderers

by Mary Griffey 1 week ago

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