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Passenger captures the moment flight was told to "brace for impact"

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"Brace for impact" is something plane passengers never want to hear. But fliers on one American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Dallas heard just that -- and remained calm until they landed safely. Here's what "bracing for impact" looks like.
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CBS News photo 1 Passenger captures the moment flight... CBS News photo 2 Passenger captures the moment flight... CBS News photo 3 Passenger captures the moment flight... CBS News photo 4 Passenger captures the moment flight...

When the airplane you've boarded is about to crash and all you care about is filming a viral video

by Mahir Cave 2 years ago

Is it just me or are the flight attendants giving me more anxiety than the whole thing

by My Ch3micalpanic 3 months ago

The pilot sound so scared he would’ve had me hysterical.

by Ciara M. 2 months ago

Well clearly the cameraman never dies, and someone knew that.

by dIsGusTeD 2 months ago

I love how they're like "REMAIN SEATED, REMAIN SEATED" like some passenger is gonna be like "nah, I need to go to the toilet"

by Alex Marian 2 months ago


Captain: (chuckles) That was fun.

by C H 2 months ago

Plane: About to crash

Random person: It's showtime

by • Natalie • 2 months ago

Just imagine a dude called Brace on this plane, and he was sleeping and Just wokup with people yelling his name

by 0nLy0n3 1 month ago

Pilot be like, "It's OK folks, we were just messin' with ya!"

by marmar92828 1 month ago

The deaf passenger wondering why everyone was going to sleep: 🗿🗿🗿

by ً 9 months ago

Guys, I know their voices are annoying but they HAVE to do that. If this attendants don’t keep shouting that over and over again, someone will look up to peak for themselves and that could be the moment they die. The attendants have to keep shouting in order for the passengers to continue to listen.

by Nanika 3 months ago

For a minute I was like, "OMG WHY IS NO ONE DOING IT"

by Zelly 1 month ago

Instructions unclear, the whole back of the plane started to playing a game of twister

by Lucas Celeste 2 months ago

I would’ve asked them to repeat the instructions because that was really confusing.

by justAdude 1 month ago

Repeating to remain seated in a half-second interval certainly will calm down the passengers ...

by Mahir Cave 2 years ago

I was actually in an emergency landing situation before. This is exactly how everyone acted on my flight. Everyone was surprisingly calm throughout the entire ordeal. I always thought that it would be like the movies with screaming and crying but it isn't like that I guess. At that point screaming and panicking is not really going to help you.

by Wesley Rogers 3 weeks ago

Captain at the end of the video.
Captain: No need to be alarmed. Everyone please remain calm and have a fantastic April fools day.

by classic white bread 4 months ago

Anyone else’s hearts ache for the old man in the front confused? Almost in tears 😭

by Hannah Bradley 1 month ago

For some reason when they yelled ‘brace’ I got chills and started crying lol. Could not imagine being in this situation

by Cat 1 month ago

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