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Hurricane Sally weakens to tropical depression but flood threat continues

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Hurricane Sally weakened to a tropical depression but it is still threatening to bring potentially devastating rainfall and flooding to several states. CBS News' Nancy Chen reports on the damage so far, and CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joined CBSN with more on what to expect.

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CBS News photo 1 Hurricane Sally weakens to tropical... CBS News photo 2 Hurricane Sally weakens to tropical... CBS News photo 3 Hurricane Sally weakens to tropical... CBS News photo 4 Hurricane Sally weakens to tropical...

and just think there's five more hurricanes out there coming this way and a couple of weeks that won't even be able to get anything started like cleaning up until they get hit by another one

by Michael Snead 2 weeks ago

I’m sorry for the veteran who lost his friends once and now once more, forever :(

by Ng Puay Seng 2 weeks ago

And to think this is only the beginning

by Eric Hansen 2 weeks ago

Forest fire smoke heading to Europe!!! 7/8 thousand miles away from fires. Are they big enough for Trump to stop blaming forest management..Of course not. His cut in Fed funds for fire mitigation is no bluff. He wants the world to burn. And he wants all those who disagree with him to burn as well. He's pure evil.

by Bluegold21 2 weeks ago

Bro, just build a wall out of obsidian.

by Womp Womp 2 weeks ago

A couple weeks ago here in Cali all the leaves fell like mid fall, then the sun started peaking through and it was like spring outside like it is now😯

by Aaron Tapatio 2 weeks ago

Matthew -38-39 - As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. And they were oblivious, until the flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.


Gloom & Doom, how about covering the Historic Peace Deal, oh Trump did that.

by David Gambler 2 weeks ago

Жаль,что пострадали люди.Природа сильнее человека.Надеюсь,людям окажут помощь и поддержку.

by Lana Bess 2 weeks ago

Lady who is going to buy it? Let the bank have it.

by Tae All Day 2 weeks ago

what the heck 2020 might be the worst year ever

by TJ Jenks 2 weeks ago

I hope you people remember don't remove your animals out of dog pens chicken pens big pens to see for ground not like Louisiana did before leave them there to drown the horrible death that was sad that was evil of you people to do that to your pets make sure you get your pets out you have plenty of time hurricanes you get warnings with hurricanes plenty of time to relocate your animals and get them in safety and round them up and take them with you no excuse

by 2 weeks ago

Herd immunity will be successful ..eventually...when everyone is dead.💩🍄

by 2 weeks ago

Norah O'Donnell said there was almost two billion dollars in damage from peaceful protesters. Lol.

by RUNNING MAN 2 weeks ago

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