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Dr. Anthony Fauci on when kids can go back to school safely

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At a Senate committee hearing Tuesday, infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked his advice on sending children back to school safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. "It really will depend on the dynamics in the particular location," he explained. Watch his remarks.
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All the kids, teachers want to stay home while all the working parents want their children to go to school. Lol

by Ceaser A 2 days ago

I hate the fact that they're talking about school, it feels like my Summer is about to end in a week.

by I'm an Alien 2 days ago

For young kids it's impossible for them to follow guideline 100%. Young kids always rub their eyes, take off their face covering, get close with each other.

by wen shen 1 weeks ago

What about younger kids in pre-K kindergarten and the disability kids I can’t picture them wearing facemask for 6-7 hours

by Blocked account 1 weeks ago

Possibly 100,000 cases every and we can all go back to school. Bunch of educated idiots.

by WizZard 1 weeks ago

Honestly this is the truth, no matter the mask use or temperature check, you are still putting kids in danger . Its literally impossible to keep schools especially high schools 6 ft apart . We still have to use the same bathroom,walk by eachother and make some type of contact. Also keeping a mak on 6 to 7 hours a day is bad for respiratory health . But hey I guess I dont know anything since I'm a teenager right.

by Tyler Ellis 4 days ago

I want to go back to school cause if I don’t I’m not doing online school

by Kofo 1 weeks ago

people are going out , being exposed everyday . i have workouts at school all the time . i don’t understand the difference . not to say we shouldn’t be taking health precautions , but i don’t get why we can do some stuff but not other .

by lexi 1 weeks ago

So explain this to me .... learning from home is a major mental health risk to our children so why doesn’t it come up with home schooling? Can’t have it both ways. It’s ok or it’s not.

by Jeff M 1 weeks ago

I was wondering how this school year would work

by Abby Stephens 1 weeks ago

Cuomo should throw Fauci in a nursing home and see what happens lmao

by Geo Pipe69 1 weeks ago

Nobody dayum near as a adult wants to adhere so why would u send a kid back toa chaotic situation like dat

by TROUBLESOME Grant 3 days ago

Not joking -- would you rather a little behind or Dead, I'm totally confused!!!

by just saying 6 days ago

Camps are reopened now, kids do not want to wear/ keep their masks on, and to have to stay away from each other all day.
It’s not sustainable.
Schools will be exactly like that especially with the younger groups.

by 5%LowBattery 1 weeks ago

when trumpf loses election, there will be a backlash from his voters and will not vaccinate or adhere to public health safety practices in hopes of sabotaging those efforts from the left

by Truth Seeker 1 weeks ago

schools spread sickness thru kids, they bring home every thing coming and going. sending your kids to school so the economic can be good? bullsh*t every person sending a kid to school in this virus is risking there kid and family. how many kids are exceptable to die for it? 2 ? 10? 100? 10000? 10000000000000000000000??????

by Shell m 1 days ago

I would like to know how colleges are supposed to open this fall. Everyones coming from different places, I honestly don't think we will go back for college this fall due to this spike

by Tyler Gutwein 1 weeks ago

I would rather do home school

by jr_ god 6 days ago

It is painful to see my young brother spend 24 hours at home, living aimlessly, doing nothing the whole day... :(

by Juliana Fotin 1 weeks ago

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