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Documents detail sex abuse allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

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Hundreds of documents and transcripts from a 2015 defamation lawsuit against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell have been unsealed by a judge. They detail her alleged role in running a sex trafficking ring with Jeffrey Epstein. CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joined CBSN to explain what the documents said and how they can be used against Maxwell in court.
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CBS News photo 1 Documents detail sex abuse allegations... CBS News photo 2 Documents detail sex abuse allegations... CBS News photo 3 Documents detail sex abuse allegations... CBS News photo 4 Documents detail sex abuse allegations...

A monster like Epstein usually has a groomer. Maxwell, not only lured these girls in, she participated as well. Two sick sexual predators who thought they could ruin and trash these young girls' lives. Don't believe a word of her innocence. Hope she makes it to trial and doesn't end up like her partner.

by T A 7 hours ago

Somebody is going to have a very bad accident in some kind of way, there are just to many evil higher up people involved in this spider web.

by Susie Q 6 hours ago

The veil is falling and the true predators are being exposed.

by Pepsi Ninja 5 hours ago

"Owner" and "Foreign president" aren't names. This is bs.

by Malakai Zodak 6 hours ago

They are not even scratching the surface of the true horror

by Rachelley Rose 5 hours ago

Finally REAL NEWS CHILD TRAFFICKING/MURDERING ! Start finding out about this!

by Sandra Macanas 7 hours ago

$50 she's "suicided" in less than a year.

by m Johnson 7 hours ago

The high profile men who knew and didn't tell ALL should go to jail. When a crime like this is taking place you have a duty to report.

by Diana Olson 6 hours ago

She'll have the best lawyers and assassins money can buy.

by JoekerXXX 6 hours ago

They wanted to get a girl to produce a child. Let that sink in.

by Red Eileen 6 hours ago

I hate it when they say "young women", when they're CHILDREN. 12 and 14 y/o?

by Danielle Adair 6 hours ago

Has she gotten any sleep since she was arrested? Sleep with both eyes 👀 open

by Thulsa Doom 7 hours ago

It's not "young women". They're girls! Children.

by eva lopez 6 hours ago

Seriously...these courts and news outlets need to stop calling the victims "young women"!! They were kids. Young kids!!!

by Dave Goodwin 6 hours ago

Now we're talking... Over half of the world is guilty of being sick towards CHILDREN. Sick!

by Only 1 Element 6 hours ago

News organizations covered up the story of Jeffrey Epstein and covered for the Clintons.

by RJ_CPA 4 hours ago

Why was it sealed in the first place. Could I get my crimes sealed ? IF ITS UNSEALED WHY ARE SO MANY NAMES BLACKED OUT ??

by Firstname Lastname 6 hours ago

I bet we’ll never see any of these documents

by Georgia Horton 6 hours ago

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