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Doctor works to end amputation epidemic among Black Americans in Mississippi

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A doctor in Central Mississippi has made it his mission to prevent patients from losing their legs and feet to peripheral artery disease and diabetes. Dr. Foluso Fakorede spoke with Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers about the diseases' impact on the Black community and the bill introduced in Congress to help reduce the number of amputations.

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CBS News photo 1 Doctor works to end amputation... CBS News photo 2 Doctor works to end amputation... CBS News photo 3 Doctor works to end amputation... CBS News photo 4 Doctor works to end amputation...

To Summarize: Black People โ€œNEEDโ€ Black Doctors.

by Freedom Quest 1 month ago

The Healthcare system in America isn't designed to deliver Healthcare, it's designed to make as much profit as it can.

by Will Wright 1 month ago

I applaud this doctor. I pray he makes a difference.

by Bahiya Kearney 1 month ago

So glad,that this Cardiologist is researching and educating people,about P.A.D. and unnecessary amputations of Black American's. Kudos Dr.Faluso!

by Cynthia Jones 1 month ago

Black ppl need to get 2nd & 3rd opinions before agreeing to any major treatment or surgeries. We're not valued so we're "practiced" on, misdiagnosed, and/or mistreated cause they don't think we'll have good outcomes or deserve outcomes.

by Renee Jr 1 month ago

We have to stop using " OF COLOR". We need to say black.

by Thomas Ray 1 month ago

I hate that this country is ok with treating certain people like that and don't care about it.

by Mim 1 month ago

"Communties of color" is an ambiguous term that actually undermines black people... this particular situation is affecting BLACK people not "OTHERS" .. no other minority was mentioned in this video....

by Jeff Jack 1 month ago

Never take their word for Law.
ALWAYS seek a 2nd and 3rd opinion.. especially if you are African-American

by Crystal Bush 1 month ago

The doctor has done something great. Thumbs up to him.

by Alona James 1 month ago

Next task decrease black women hysterectomies d/t fibroids

by Felicia Cooper 1 month ago

Nothing is about prevention is this country, itโ€™s all about profit. Doctors donโ€™t listen to black patients concerns. Iโ€™ve had to switch doctors several times because the doctors didnโ€™t take me seriously and especially as a woman, they like to say that youโ€™re just being hormonal. Itโ€™s really disgusting.

by TheRealVivia 1 month ago

As someone whoโ€™s worked in surgery for almost two decades...THIS. IS. SAD. AND. DISTURBING.

by Isaac Hall 1 month ago

A Doctor who cares, bless him

by Ms. 1 month ago

I noticed this very thing in the VA hospitals over 20 years ago. These men didnt loose limbs from the war, they lost limbs from medical and nutritional neglect.

by Veronica Cobb 1 month ago

Thank you for creating this video ๐ŸŒฑ we need many more black doctors, good men & women, with a calling to CARE ๐Ÿ•Š

by Gaia Carney 1 month ago

Such a smart, intelligent man. So glad to see him speaking on this issue so eloquently and so passionately. Praying for him to have a great and positive impact on curtailing this epidemic.

by Cute LadyBug DrSBMid 1 month ago

Also, have folks get their eyes checked. DME is a huge issue and the blindness is preventable

by Christine Olsson 1 month ago

Even for women to have natural birth is an inconvenience to alot of doctors who only perform Csection because it takes less time.

by Kerryann Cole 1 month ago

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