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Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace)

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Originally broadcast November 15, 2013
It's a shopping trip you won’t want to miss. We’re doing some testing - and about to reveal secrets behind the food many of us buy every week. Erica Johnson and Tom Harrington will reveal food secrets that just may change the way you eat.
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CBC News photo 1 Secrets of supermarket meat and... CBC News photo 2 Secrets of supermarket meat and... CBC News photo 3 Secrets of supermarket meat and... CBC News photo 4 Secrets of supermarket meat and...

"Mommy, what's for dinner?" "NOTHING, WE CAN NEVER EAT ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!"

by subversive775 4 years ago

We need to buy from local farmers. It will improve our communities and health.

by Sharon Newsome 1 year ago

Michael Jackson said it best..
All I wanna say is that they dont really care about us.

by Karen S 1 year ago

I'm just burying my feet in the ground and absorbing soil nutrients, rain and sunlight from now on.

by seth seth 1 year ago

Time to hold companies accountable and the govt.

by Tracy 1 year ago

they missed the opportunity to say "the fish you buy isnt always the fish you fry"

by unknown 4 years ago

Everything they buy is wrapped in styrofoam and plastic! Not good for nutrition and not good for the environment.

by Alison Armstrong 1 year ago

Need to grow our own veggies and keep around 7 chickens with 1 rooster. Nothing like fresh eggs and you know what's not added. Good old days.

by Mary Lawson 1 year ago

So this is 6 years later. I still do not see proper labeling on meat and fish.

by greenbluemonkey 1 year ago

None of us should have to worry about what we are eating, but it has come down to that. (WE DONT KNOW WHAT WE ARE EATING & THATS A DAMN SHAME)!!!!! They are killing us slowly.

by Tony Gray 1 year ago

I learn more from marketplace than in school at this point 🤦‍♀️

by Leah Marie 1 year ago

Mum what for dinner. Uumm government allowed poison, it yummy and crispy .

by Samson Ato Nympha 1 year ago

I don’t know how to live my life anymore. Everything is dangerous!

by Mar Mar 9 months ago

Thank you CBC, very informative and worrisome. I wish our American media would inform instead of entertain.

by Grumpy Gen X 1 year ago

Anything that is packaged, canned, bottled and have a shelf life, has preservatives.

by carolyn carter 1 year ago

No meat offered by stores ever taste the same as home grown. Wonder why.

by Cubla 1 year ago

I’ve been binge watching these for hours... It’s 4am and it’s gave me trust issues lol.

by Leanne 8 months ago

“Do you want ketchup for your chicken?” That’s absolutely disgusting.

by Adankam 3 weeks ago

Governments are the enemy. They are not here to protect consumers, they just regulate who will get rich ripping off customers

by Free Humans 1 year ago

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