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China slams U.S. over TikTok sale remarks

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A Chinese state media outlet is calling the U.S. 'a rogue country.' The rebuke follows comments by President Donald Trump about Microsoft's interest in buying the popular Chinese video-sharing app.
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CBC News photo 1 China slams U.S. over TikTok... CBC News photo 2 China slams U.S. over TikTok... CBC News photo 3 China slams U.S. over TikTok... CBC News photo 4 China slams U.S. over TikTok...

Invasive as google, YOUTUBE, Facebook, Instagram,.... every time I talk about any topic, these apps send me so many items related to what I talked.... and yet we all use them All the time

by Magg Yela 1 month ago

all governments are corrupt, yours, mine, theirs... all of them. it really just depends on whether that corruption benefits you.

by paladro 1 month ago

oh comments are open what a surprise

by Edward ZHANG 1 month ago

this will go down as the "great war of TicTok"

by RAMBO STUDIOS 1 month ago

“2 different countries are now fighting over an app”
Canada: * eats popcorn *

by Lizzbird 1 month ago

The only reason they interviewed this guy is because of his name 😂

by F V 1 month ago

Could you imagine WW3 breaking out over a App?

by Xilas Jenkins 1 month ago

Your orchestrated chaos game needs work 😂

by Julie Gill 1 month ago

So facebook steals information from its users and sell them to special interests groups to manipulate elections yet they dont get banned..... double standard much?

by Sebastian 1 month ago

C'mon, this is a clown show for sure, look at the bow tie.

by innerpath 1 month ago

I am saddened that CBC uses "slams" in its subject title. You are better than that....but then again...here i am

by Matthew Dundee 1 month ago

Is the guy in Beijing blinking Morse code or something

by Mac Attack 1 month ago

Maybe U.S. should slam china over communism like holy fluck people get your heads on straight

by bishop198666 1 month ago

Most of these apps are useless and not needed. All they are doing is sucking up your most precious asset. TIME. And eventually your time will be up. And all you did was waste time getting other people rich while you wasted your time showing everyone how poor and unintelligent you truly are

by bishop198666 1 month ago

See China gets mad that the us bans something but China bans everything

by Frosty VR 1 month ago

Usa is just doing what china has already done, ban usa apps in china.

by Paul K 1 month ago

“if you buy it, whatever the price, ..., a very substantial of that price is gonna have to come into the treasury of the United State.”

OMG. This guy is a full fledge fraudster. If A sell goods to B, then C should have a substantial share of the transaction money.

by Sirius Enigma 1 month ago

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