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Geopolitics of Japan

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Japan has a geographic problem, which shapes its politics.
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BAKU - As a significant power in East Asia, Japan has long struggled to find its place in the region. In the previous century alone, the country rapidly modernized itself and altered between various ideas ranging from isolationism, militarism, mercantilism to centralized governance and consumer-based economy. However, Tokyoโ€™s past challenges are not merely submerged in history. Many problems remain unaddressed. In this report, we will go over these issues and explains the geopolitics of Japan..
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by James Calico 3 years ago

Did he say 6000 mini islands?

by Tsetsi 3 months ago

Japan is an island by the sea, and it's BEAUTIFULLLLLLL

by Garrett Archer 3 years ago

Plot twist : Japan doesn't have declining rate, the secret is that they already mastered the way to send people in virtual dimensions or isekai'd ๐Ÿ‘€

by Pierre He 6 months ago

all Japan video looks like miniaturized model.. beautiful
Very CooL..!!

by Sammy sam 3 years ago

Perhaps a better alternative to opening borders would be for Japan to heavily incentivize reproduction. The cultural problem largely seems to center on career-obsessed members of the urban upper middle class failing to have kids. This could be solved by reducing taxes for people with children, especially in a way that flattens the tax structure (thus placing the strongest incentive on the aforementioned demographic). It's a false dichotomy to reduce the situation to demographic decline vs. unfettered immigration.

by SlurMaster9000 3 years ago

Who else had memories of playing Pokรฉmon when they heard Kanto?

by Another Account 2 years ago

Whenever you mention the year 2100, I'm like, Damn I won't be here to see that.

by Rex Lupus Etxe 1 week ago

Shirvan can you please do the geopolitics of Turkey

by massamba samb 3 years ago

Nothing on Japan's massive public debt and (seamingly) unsustainable public finances?

by Last Giant 3 years ago

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by CaspianReport 3 years ago

why japan should accept mass immigration when it only has the food supplies to feed 60% of its population is beyond me...it sound like it would be less vulnerable to international pressure with a population of 80 million

by Fake News 3 years ago

I love Japan, im Australian, we will supply energy needs. We are a great friend and ally

by David Royle 3 years ago

Shinzo Abe looks like he's always smiling


by Razi 1 year ago

Christ, the edge in this comment section is incredible

by Adriel Mixon 3 years ago

Sounds like Japan would like to have North Korea which is rich in said resources.

by Glenn Cross 3 years ago

Thanks for this video and other videos like this. I love the insight on these geopolitical informational videos. Great work! If you ever move to another platform like DailyMotion or VidMe I'd follow you there as well.

by PaulIvanish 3 years ago

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