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CashMoneyAp - No Patience (feat. Polo G & NoCap) Music Video

CashMoneyAp photo 1 CashMoneyAp - No Patience (feat.... CashMoneyAp photo 2 CashMoneyAp - No Patience (feat.... CashMoneyAp photo 3 CashMoneyAp - No Patience (feat.... CashMoneyAp photo 4 CashMoneyAp - No Patience (feat....

"blowing wedding cake but I still wont think about marriage " like this if you've actually smoked wedding cake before 💚

by Daniel Larusso 1 year ago

How did capalot and no cap ended up in the same video lol

by Zuannn 1 year ago

No cap is talented fr. I like how he raised his voice on the track it reminds of something young thug would do

by Vic Jivenchi 1 year ago

“I Stay Humble Until I Gotta Show That Savage In Me”

by White Alligator 1 year ago

Who knew nocap befo this song? Like if you knew

by Kaarma ggs 1 year ago

“I’m with my soldiers in that field like I play for the bears” the bears stadium is called solider field... I’m done wit this song too much bars

by MM S3 3 months ago

I hear polo went in on this track , followed him here. But why’s no1 talking about no cap when he bodied this track 😂💯

by Alh Neo 1 year ago

Polo is a goat and is on the road to be a legend

by St Chi 1 year ago

So no one is going to talk about how no cap said “drew brees I rock saint laurent”🔥🔥

by Keyaire xx2 6 months ago

I’m with my souljas in that field like I play for the bears 😱 the bears stadium is Soldiers field

by Ron Ron 1 year ago

🗣“Every time I trust a ni&&a they embarrassed me” 🙅🏾‍♂️🖕🏾🧢🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Quez 1 year ago

"Never cried but you can watch my eyes bleed"

by Dane Wicks 1 year ago

“I already had on ice the police can’t tell me freeze “ 🤭

by Jtf Mire 1 year ago

Nocap and Polo G got some CRAZY ass punchlines. Remind me of wayne.

by KJay 1 year ago

“Already Had On Ice Police Cant Tell Me Freeze.” 🔥🔥- NoCap

Edit : omg this man said “ My Louie V shoes like fruit I got different pears (Pairs).” 🔥🔥

by Senseii Rio 1 year ago

“I’m w my soldiers in tha field like I play for the bears” soldier field reference crazy 🔥😩

by Christian Torres 1 year ago

“Police snatch me fore I snitch I rather get the chair, I’m w my soldiers innat field like I play fa the bears, stay w sum real ones I know loyalty and trust is rare, married to the streets but naw this ain’t no love affair, these drugs killing me feel like my organs startin to tear, I know I’m legendary this sum shit you can’t compare, she these these vv’s now she pullin down ha underwear” Coldest fucking verse ever

by Rey Rocha 1 year ago

“Already has ice on police can’t tell me freeze”❄️❄️

by Jtw Fighter 10 months ago

This shit hard af this shit playing back to back on my playlist NO CAP BE TALKING REAL SHIT👿

by PrettyPrett Chapple 1 year ago

Me : My house is on fire
911: Is it again CashmoneyAp?
Me: Yes!

by Kizzlers 1 year ago

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