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Audi S3 review: 0-60mph + 1/4-mile tested... and almost crashed on Autobahn!?!

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Introducing the all-new Audi S3!.
Audi’s new mid-range hot hatch (there’s no new RS3… yet!) arrives with all the styling cues you’d expect, from a deeper more aggressive front bumper through to a bigger roof spoiler and quad tailpipes… oh, and of course it includes Quattro all-wheel-drive!.
Under the bonnet, you’ll find a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbo that can produce 310hp & 400Nm of torque. Sure the specs aren’t bad, but when you consider the last S3 produced 300hp, it doesn’t seem to offer much of an upgrade, does it?
So… does this all-new hot hatch offer enough change over its predecessor? And more importantly, is it a strong enough competitor to the likes of the A35 or M135i? You’ll have to stick with Mat for his latest review to find out!.
00:00 Intro
00:45 Exterior Design
02:16 Interior Design
03:01 Back Seats
03:13 Boot
03:42 Five Annoying Features
04:55 Five Cool Features
06:57 Engine
07:25 0 - 60mph
08:40 Town Driving
09:27 Autobahn Driving
11:50 Twisty Road Driving
Audi S3 Specifications, Engine: 2-litre 4 Cylinder Petrol
Acceleration (0 - 60mph): 4.8 seconds
Fuel Economy: 35mpg
Emissions: 183 CO2
First year road tax: £870
RRP from: £38,765
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carwow photo 1 Audi S3 review: 0-60mph +... carwow photo 2 Audi S3 review: 0-60mph +... carwow photo 3 Audi S3 review: 0-60mph +... carwow photo 4 Audi S3 review: 0-60mph +...

What would you love to see us drag race against the new Audi S3?

by carwow 1 month ago

Warning: there's no "almost crashing" on the autobahn.

by edmaluf 1 month ago

Designers 2020: Yes Pianoblack, fake plastic vents and fake exhaust make the car go faster.

by Stephan van den Brink 1 month ago

Personally I love those huge oval exhaust on the RS models. But the quad exhaust look nice too.

by Kris 1 month ago

OMG ist my scool Maria ward Realschule Eichstätt

by Anne Grau Grau 1 month ago

“Full HD, full screen, and in full length!”...

by dominicrusho 1 month ago

“Now, let’s see how they perform in the crash test.”

by Mo Anees 1 month ago

When the car driving by costs more than you will earn in your entire life

by FuZeLukas 1 month ago

Sag das nächste mal Bescheid wenn du in Ingolstadt bist :)

by Maximilian 1 month ago

4.4secs that's impressive for an S3

by wingsta 96 1 month ago

I'll do camera man work for free just to see nice cars all the time 😂

by Liam stidworthy01 1 month ago

It just looks like an A3 with a load of tacky fake parts stuck on 😔

by Ezoomer 1 month ago

I liked the copy of Autogefuhl saying at the start "Lets Go!" haha

by VX 471 1 month ago

Mat: "If you wanna work for car wow..."
Me: "How dare you tease me like this!" ;)

by Krizz Illa 1 month ago

Driving instructor: always look ahead on the road!
Mat: Something happens ahead... all lanes are blocked... Let's accelerate and hit 250!!!

by TrlSrf 1 month ago

The first time that i understand the economy

by Levindary 1 month ago

Therapist: "Show us on the doll where Matt touched your knob"

by Seb Hall 1 month ago

When the journalist flexes his specialist timing gear more than the actual car

by Kedian Balliu 1 month ago

1 annoying things about the Audi S3:

1) You may be robbed of it at gunpoint.

by jackworrall89 1 month ago

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