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Fastest Way To Get Netherite In Minecraft

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Here's a tutorial showing a relatively fast and easy way to get a hold of ancient debris in the nether so you can get dat sweet sweet netherite gear.
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Y’all remember when the only thing we looked up was “how to get diamonds”? Good times.

by EDSBeGaming 3 months ago

No you can just “mine off camera”

by Anay Gokhale 4 months ago

A ghast ended up spawning in my mines and he was stuck there so I just ended up using him as a way of finding netherite. XD

by Starch March 3 months ago

"just go strip mine in a mesa biome"
"*in a mesa biome*"
I forgot those things even EXISTED.

by C0mical 5 months ago

Jordan: if you dont know why beds explo-

Me and everyone else: do not read to me the ancient scrolls i was there when they were written!

by Norman Best Boi 5 months ago

Before:"how to get netherite"

After:"how to get back to you're home"

by InkWal 16 hours ago

"I'm sure there's gonna be some crazy piston slimeblock automatic tnt dropping mining machine..."
Mumbo Jumbo has entered the chat
"But for simple folks like me."
Mumbo Jumbo has left the chat

by -Pastelle Qween- 4 months ago

"The Netherite hoe is now the ultimate.. uh goal in minecraft"

Me trading and getting very lucky: "Pathetic"

Edit: time,

by Warpzone 4 3 months ago

sparklez: i built the netherite beacon
guard: So?
sparklez: in survival mode
guard: right this way sir, sorry to keep you waiting

by Ariana Trump 3 months ago

this video reminds me of 10 years old myself searching "how to get diamond easy"

by Spunky 3 months ago

Brought 20 pickaxes with efficiency to instant mine when the update came out. After 3 hours I got 156 ancient debris and only almost died 1 time. Found a vein of 4 at one point too 👀

by Ian Tidwell 5 months ago

2012: how to get diamonds in Minecraft

2020 now: how to get netherite in Minecraft

Where have the days gone.

Edit: this is so cliche that I’m saying this but damn, thx for the likes and support

by Superbanner145’s Undercover account 5 months ago

"Fastest Way To Get Netherite In Minecraft"
downloading xray texture pack

by Rosemarie Longo 1 month ago

Imagine there was a crying obsidian portal and inside the boss is the king ghast

by Oscar Wood 1 month ago

Just bring stacks of wool and a few stacks of wood, and make the beds in the nether. You can bring TONS of beds this way in one go.

by bco1981 4 days ago

Ancient ruin is blast resistant, so nuke the nether, the collect the remains.

by ENIGMA Official 5 months ago

Why he sound so disappointed in himself when he said 200hrs to get the full becon doee

by Ivan3230 6 days ago

On the server I use, if you try to use a bed in the nether, The bed just crumbles away.

by Jaerci Ayalar 13 hours ago

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