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I Am Not The Impostor Among Us

CaptainSparklez 2 photo 1 I Am Not The Impostor... CaptainSparklez 2 photo 2 I Am Not The Impostor... CaptainSparklez 2 photo 3 I Am Not The Impostor... CaptainSparklez 2 photo 4 I Am Not The Impostor...

Classic Captain, getting murdered without tubbo by his side

by artum1s_ 2 months ago

Man, this game has really taken off.

by Cyborgstar 2 months ago

Jordan looks lonely without Tubbo following him.

by Wayne Hu 2 months ago

i like how gumbo is the dept Collector for jardon lmao “well kattie that’s going on your tab”

by Me and Only me 2 months ago


Edit: I made my text bold to show dominance.

by Annabelle 2 months ago

Captain: kills someone

Tubbo: "I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that"

by beincheese bein 2 months ago

"Can't Be The Captain Among Us" Coming soon

by TommyKing152 2 months ago

The timestamps of jordan getting imposter:

by daegon tillery 2 months ago

Is Tubbo here?

Edit No.

by Ram Clam 2 months ago

Well, it says here on chapter 4 section C, it literally CANNOT be the captain.

by AwesomePow 2 months ago

Jordan’s titles may be dad joke attempts, is he trying to tell us something

by Lucas O 2 months ago

That’s right captain, you are destined to NEVER be the imposter among us.
you are forever intertwined, betwixt a destiny where you will always have non-murderous intents you monster!

by Agen C 2 months ago

Well, it can't be the captain. That's for sure

by Say Tin 2 months ago

I am seriously addicted to watching Among Us!! I definitely need more Tubbo for sure and it would be fun I think if you could get Tom to play with you guys one day.

by Dragonlilies 2 months ago

tubbo jinxed you, my dude. you can never be the imposter now.

by internallogic 2 months ago

Idk why it took me so long to realize but Jordan is wearing Charles’ headphones. Charles is the captain

by Dominic Lopez 2 months ago

Does anyone else think the content is much more interesting with confirmed ejects?

by CherryMK-6 2 months ago

Gumbo with the most highest voice is listening to skillet... well it’s interesting to say the least

by Vortex 2 months ago

After watching a couple of these among us I realize jordan was the one kid in school who didn’t do anything for group presentations

by Juan Cena 2 months ago

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