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Best Psych Bloopers

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Is it just me, or is James literally Shawn in real life?!

by Theatre is Life 3 months ago

Also, did James just add lib all the random stuff? I feel like all the cast would have a hard time with breaking character if that was the case.

by Amy Van Diest 3 months ago

"This was way easier when we thought Lassie was the murder. Just sayin'. SA FA KA MA RA!"

by Bk Ninja 3 months ago

"excuse me sir major general do you believe that it's true that when the Pillsbury Doughboy bends over you see donuts sir?" Lassie was trying so hard not to break character and he tried to hide his smile🤣🤣

by QuincyD Mares 4 months ago

I can't with James' wheezing i just can't lmaooooo

by Izzy Brand 3 months ago

No show will ever match the comedic genius of Psych

by Alexis Hummel 3 months ago

The guy in front of Shawn and Gus in the happening scene is a professional. How can you not laugh around these people

by Chris Floyd 3 months ago

Proof that they had way to much fun filming.

by Amy Van Diest 3 months ago

The Psych cast is so precious. We must protect them at all costs, especially Timothy.

by Suchart Boontid 3 months ago

Bro psych is the best show I’ve ever watched

by Maggie Moreau 3 months ago

No one:
James Roday: w he e z e

by Sach H. 3 months ago

So glad I grew up with this show and my future kids will too

by Chubby _ 3 months ago

"That's the one where the plant made everyone eat themselves??"

by Leo Valverde 3 months ago

Omg, James's wheeze at the start of his laughter is priceless!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂 such an amazing show!!!!

by kailey bullard 3 months ago

"The firemen are out back doing drugs" made me laugh the hardest!!

by Spookylady 3 months ago

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