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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone® - Shadow Company Trailer

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A new faction enters the fray..
Join the Shadow Company when Season Five arrives on August 5 for #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.
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Shadow Company comes to MW
Ghost: “Aight imma head out.”

by DocTorJayy 4 days ago

“On august 5th there will be no shortage of space no shortage of hard drives”

by Julia Red 3 days ago

Character’s body: big muscular testosterone.
Characters voice: screaming 10 year old.

by Kanden 1 days ago

Shadow company: exists
Ghost: chuckles "i’m in danger !"

by Amygdala 3 days ago

Sheperd on the next trailer: You have the dsm?

Ghost: oh f*ck

by Gothier YT 1 days ago

shadow company comes to modern warfare

Ghost: nervous sweating

by BSJ IN THE HOUSE 4 days ago

Why is everybody saying that he sounds like Shepard , he sounds like Rorke if anything

by Blaxkout Studios 3 days ago

Imagine spending millions on "professionals" just for them to be CLAPPED by 2 brits

by Francis Bradley 1 days ago

Ghost: I fear no man.
Shepard: * exists *
Ghost: But that thing... It scares me...

by Slick Silver 3 days ago

Captain Price: "Bravo 6, going dark"
Shadow Company: "Dispicle 9, breach and clear"

by Mr Drevson 2 days ago

People are saying General Shepard, some say "he can't because he's dead"

Ghost is back, right?

by Johnsolo O 21 hours ago

Price: " Strange, could've sworn we ended this war yesterday"
Ghost: "Hmmm... Deja vu.. AMBUSHHH!!! LEFT SIDE! LEFT SIDE!"

by Joshua Prieto 3 days ago

Fans: How many gigabytes I need to download for Season 5?
Infinity Ward: 1-4-1

by Nefomemes 3 days ago

if anyone is wondering who shadow company is, they were hired by sheperd to eliminate task force 141 (in the mw2 campaign)

by Kauri 798 4 days ago

*General Shepard gets added
Ghost: hmm seems like a cool guy hope he doesn't betray me in the future😎

by DefaultyBoi69 4 days ago

Shepard - sees ghost knocked down

Also Shepard - “That’s one less loose end”

by L0N3LY 3 days ago

Season5 has arrived

PS STORAGE: Error Error Error

by Nuke AceHD 2 days ago

I'm here laughing at everyone who thinks this has anything to do with Black Ops

by Evil Gopher 4 days ago

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