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In a Zombie apocalypse...

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Against actual zombies I'm scrapping 😤
Oddwin - 19

CalebCity photo 1 In a Zombie apocalypse... CalebCity photo 2 In a Zombie apocalypse... CalebCity photo 3 In a Zombie apocalypse... CalebCity photo 4 In a Zombie apocalypse...

But if he doesn't even have fresh water at home anyway, why not go see the zombies? They might be fun.

by Medlife Crisis 14 hours ago

Dude how does this man think of these 😂

by Bxrry 13 hours ago

"There's a Zombie apocalypse outside"

Caleb: "Guess I'll die"

by Dehanded 10 hours ago

Home is comfortable

by Ray Mak 13 hours ago

Bruh this gotta be one of my favorite vids you've ever done

by Chaz Smith 1 day ago

you forgot the part where they call the zombies LITERALLY EVERYTHING except zombies

by Burning P. ancakes 13 hours ago

Just wait for everyone to get infected. Then the human race would turn into the zombie race and everyone can just act like its normal

by afro betty 7 hours ago

“I didn’t say a word about difficulty level, Im saying that the current situation is completely undesirable no matter how much effort you put in to it”

by George Scott III 12 hours ago

"there's a kar98 on the wall, next to the stairs."
"Nah, the mystery box is right over there."

by Unknown_Dragocian 11 hours ago

tbh if i just stay really quiet in my house imma just stay inside ain’t nobody alive to shut my internet off if i stop paying

by Heavenly Controller 1 day ago

"it's not caused by a viral outbreak or any imbalance in the brain"

So did humans just decided to start eating eachother?

by Gatling Gunz 6 hours ago

“Watches a guy get eaten by zombies live on TV”
Then says: “Internets out”

by Reignkings 12 13 hours ago

Sounds like a Covid Apocalypse too....

by Ray Mak 13 hours ago

“look I just wanna fight zombies”
Caleb: Oh sh** Bet

by KevIzDeath 10 hours ago

“So you’re not interested in survival”

by Ckittle 1 hour ago

Survival caleb: r u looking at a list
Smart caleb: these were our equipment in sixth grade camp

by Shaureena Bobcombe 6 hours ago

“I’m listing all the things that we had at 6th grade camp” now that hits home

by Ckittle 1 hour ago

"We have no clue what's goin on! Where's completely in the dark here!"

Why does that sound so familiar...

by Kai The Gamer 10 hours ago

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