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$17 Fried Chicken Vs. $500 Fried Chicken

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“Word to the bird.”
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BuzzFeedVideo photo 1 $17 Fried Chicken Vs. $500... BuzzFeedVideo photo 2 $17 Fried Chicken Vs. $500... BuzzFeedVideo photo 3 $17 Fried Chicken Vs. $500... BuzzFeedVideo photo 4 $17 Fried Chicken Vs. $500...

My man really grabbed a piece of his own chicken and dipped 😭

by Al 3 months ago

I only come back to this episode just to watch the Red Rooster owner eat the chicken he made for them

by Ruhel Alif 6 months ago

So the “expensive” chicken is normal fried chicken with expensive toppings? lol.

by Nok Z 5 months ago

Owner : “Treat the chicken like it’s your baby”
Also Owner : “Throw the chicken in the fryer for 12 minutes”
Also Owner : “Enjoy eating the chicken”

by Flyingpigs 11 months ago

Steven literally admitted he was a virgin after eating red rooster chicken lmao.

by Not a muffin 1 week ago

Fun fact, the owner on Sylvia's was on Worlds Strictest Parents and was a host family for the bad teenagers.

by HeyItsHades 2 months ago

red rooster guy: grabs piece of chicken
also him: can i jump in

by bobbythebobby 3 months ago

I just love how Andrew accused Steven of trying to hold his hand and Adam just comes in and grabs both their hands

by Taylor Swant 7 months ago

Worth it and Unsolved are the ones keeping buzzfeed alive

by kurizera 4 months ago

let’s be honest, we all want that first one

by Lucas 5 months ago

That $500 chicken better dance and turn into gold if I'm going to be buying it

by John 2 months ago

I was so confused about red rooster because I’m Australia red rooster is like a less popular version of kfc but they’re everywhere

by Lillian Rose 5 months ago

Hey look, it's the only two guys keeping BuzzFeed alive :)

by Aschel Perera 3 years ago

Watching this when you're hungry is literally the worst thing you can ever do in your life.

by Ivan lasserre 4 months ago

I don’t like the chicken and caviar thing but hey man, owner looks like he’s having a blast

by Alex Lee 5 months ago

I just love that whole "friends having fun" vibe at the last restaurant 😍

by Gabrielle mesmo 3 months ago

I just noticed the silvias guy is on world’s strictest parent 😭😂

by Basketball Clips 3 months ago

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