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Busta Rhymes, Anderson .Paak - YUUUU (Official Video)

#YUUUU #Inc. #Entertainment #Busta #Music
Listen to the single "YUUUU". Out now!
Stream: https://conglomerate.ffm.to/yuuuu.oyd
Directors: Benny Boom & Busta Rhymes
Creative Director: Sam Lecca
Producers: Sam Lecca & Rodney Byerson
"YUUUU" Credits
Produced by Anderson .Paak
Mixed by Ricky St, Hilaire
Mixing Assistant
Gonzalo "GeeflowCL" Contreras
#BustaRhymes #AndersonPaak #YUUUU
Official music video by Busta Rhymes, Anderson .Paak performing "YUUUU" © 2020 The Conglomerate Entertainment, Inc. / EMPIRE

#The #EMPIRE #Conglomerate #Anderson #Video) #(Official #Rap/Hip-Hop #.Paak #Rhymes

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Finally Busta Rhymes remembers his YouTube password ..

by Jerry Tuifagalele 2 months ago

Looks like Bustas getting his just respect with the new generation. Timing is great because music has been garbage and needs balance

by Cleon Joseph 3 weeks ago

damn his music is better then everyone's right now.. I'm shocked. haven't lost a step? nah this is better

by Lee 1227 3 weeks ago

Busta is who they was talkin about when they said “waking a sleeping giant”

by Yoso Mejia- Moik 3 weeks ago

Busta delivered back then and he’s still delivering fire bars. What a beast.

by Richard Cheese 1 month ago

This might be album of the year

by KC 3 weeks ago

So we all going to act like the spy vs spy theme wasn't official

by Christian CreatedIT 3 weeks ago

Who else has that “YUUUUU” part stuck in there head

by Dylan YT 1 month ago

Imagine if this song came out during 106&Park days! 🔥

by Rachael Kay 1 month ago

Busta is one of the few rappers that still bring heat EVERY decade.....30+ years now...Busta is always FIRE.

by spacepunk nappy 2 months ago

Anderson Paak is so underrated. I'm listening inside my car, windows tinted, max volume, and i don't wanna get out hahahahah. Dope !!!

by Alexander M. Martínez Saint - Yves 1 month ago

This is an amazing song. Too bad it will not get the accolades it deserves.

A dope song, in a wack industry....so sad.

by Don Fuego 1 month ago

Busta showing the he really is the goat in case y’all forgot! His flow crazy...

by Jesse Schmitt 4 weeks ago

I love that this video is using the concept of Spy vs Spy from Mad Magazine hence the black and white color schemes and the use of bombs. A true old head would have noticed that off the top. This song is so lit. Busta Rhymes is looking like he's in the best shape of his life. Loving his flow. He is a Rap GOD that is truly timeless.

by Angelina T 3 weeks ago

Producer: Soo... what tempo are we rappin at?
Anderson: Yes.
Busta Rhymes: All of them.

by P Swizzle Production 2 months ago

Bruh, I feel like all just got thrown a lifeline with Busta’s new album. Mainstream Music has been trash lately. Classic album

by William Harper 3 weeks ago

brooo anderson paak’s pen game needs to be discussed more 😭😭😭❤️

by Kail Mecaller 1 month ago

God really did pack a whole lot of teeth in Anderson pack's mouth

by ShaRon Austin 1 month ago

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