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So Expensive Season 5 Marathon | So Expensive

#icelandic sea salt #real saffron #spacesuits #Business News #News & Politics
From Rolls-Royce to Cuban cigars — handmade scissors to Doc Martens. We searched the earth, and beyond, to discover the stories behind some of the costliest products.
Episodes featured, 00:00:00 - 00:00:24 Intro
00:00:24 - 00:09:08 Rolls-Royce
00:09:08 - 00:15:56 Ernest Wright Scissors
00:15:56 - 00:24:01 Cuban Cigars
00:24:01 - 00:30:56 Persian Rugs
00:30:56 - 00:37:42 Doc Martens
00:37:42 - 00:42:14 Icelandic Sea Salt
00:42:14 - 00:53:02 Space Suits
00:53:02 - 00:59:44 Saffron
00:59:44 - 01:08:07 Argan Oil
01:08:07 - 01:14:37 Horse Semen
01:14:37 - 01:20:09 Icelandic Eiderdown
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So Expensive Season 5 Marathon | So Expensive

#argan oil #compilation #edgar wright scissors #marathon #so expensive #persian rugs #Business Insider #doc martens #eiderdown #horse semen #rolls royce

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thanks for leaving some...

by RedsTech 2 months ago

Shows like this on youtube are the reason why paying for cable just makes zero sense anymore

by Daniel Luczak 1 month ago

"The bigger the carpet, the longer it takes"
In other news, "People die when they are killed"

by Hexa Promos 2 months ago

A person who puts their heart and soul in a craft can really make you appreciate something as simple as scissors.

by Crypto Rich 2 months ago

scrolling down into the comments to see if anyone made it to the part about the horse semen. wtf

by IIIlllIII 2 months ago

I’m sitting in a craft house eating Kraft macaroni and cheese with cut up hotdogs while I watch this. Crack house I meant

by Curtis Btyant 2 months ago

“Darn it mom, all I got for Christmas was this Rolls Royce...?!?....and Davey got a vile of horse jism!”

by j p 1 month ago

$33M for a rug and the person who spent years to make it only got $10 smh

by Jerry CHen 2 months ago

Slap a little quality to something and add an astronomical price and some idiot will fall for it.

by Iron Sharpens Iron 1 month ago

‘Their DNA’, ‘the night they were born’
Not surprised to learn rich people are obsessed with themselves.

by Corie 1 month ago

“Master putter-together”, imma call myself that from now on.

by Saim Shaikh 1 month ago

lmao "Master Putter Togetherer" imma put that on my resume!

by Bring me Peter pan 2 months ago

“Spacesuits are human shaped space crafts” had never thought of it exactly like that, but yeah, nice wording

by Danilo Mello 1 month ago

They should also put printer ink on here, that stuff costs more than the most expensive champagne...

by Kram Sniggah 1 month ago

"1000 diamonds crushed into the paint"
Me: what if that's what they said and stole the diamonds?

by Gian Morelli 1 month ago

The scissor guy does a lot of the surgical scissors used by the NHS and medical field in general

by Sean Mcneill 1 month ago

You missed the most expensive thing of all.. living, just staying alive.

by olax x 2 months ago

Rolls-Royce: so how would you like your car’s interior to look?
Some dude: I’d like that DNA finish

by Limeylime 1 month ago

Dock Marten's quality has plummeted as the price has risen.

by inkstainedgirl 12 hours ago

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