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Sunday Coding with Uncle Rockstar - EP 15 - Closing pull requests on GitHub and looking back

#bitcoin #btcpayserver #coding #Science & Technology
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Credits, Producer - https://twitter.com/Zaxounette
Chief Philosopher - https://twitter.com/pavlenex
Outro Model - https://twitter.com/NicolasDorier
Music - https://twitter.com/Esky33junglist
Elisa Do Brazil - Marble Elephant Don't Lose It
Timestamps, 00:00 Intro
03:44 Stream starts. Chat with the trollbox!.
06:04 Week in review
08:49 Bitcoin Girlfriends aren't for RNR_0
09:49 No music this week. We got DMCA'd
11:35 Emperor blog recommendations - https://twitter.com/NicolasDorier/status/1383274781768704008
12:14 Doge chart in REKT territory
13:44 Profil pic change - Hello JessicaVaugn
15:42 adrianna_mdz hitting back
16:00 The biggest enjoyment of being Bitcoiner is watching other Bitcoiners destroy critics
17:47 Gitian builds for Bitcoin Core
21:35 Bitcoin Conference 2021 coming soon, they separated me from dickerson_des and gave me wiz. What's up with that ck_SNARKs?
23:22 Congratz to MrKukks for getting onboarded to Seetee_io ship - https://twitter.com/Seetee_io/status/1382330416556822531
24:02 Answering BTCPay Server questions live during the stream - how to get started
28:18 Stream getting better since now Zaxounette is fully in charge
31:02 Starter ASP.NET Core Web Api project for all the newbies
43:39 Adding finishing touches on the last Sunday's pull request - https://github.com/btcpayserver/btcpayserver/pull/2455
1:05:13 Separating all the changes we made in appropriate commits
1:09:41 Moving PR on Github into Ready to Review state
1:12:09 Blog Resources for Rockstars
1:15:05 and Rahul
1:17:52 Sexy Extro

BTCPay Server photo 1 Sunday Coding with Uncle Rockstar... BTCPay Server photo 2 Sunday Coding with Uncle Rockstar... BTCPay Server photo 3 Sunday Coding with Uncle Rockstar... BTCPay Server photo 4 Sunday Coding with Uncle Rockstar...

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