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What has gone wrong at Liverpool this season? Scholes and Jenas on title defences in Premier League

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Liverpool's title defence is statistically the worst ever after 25 games as they have dropped 33 points compared to the same point last season. On Premier League Tonight, Paul Scholes and Jermaine Jenas looked at what has gone wrong.
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Who knew when Pickford took out van dijk he took out the whole team...

by Lewis Freyr 1 month ago

Jenas “when we finished mid table, my desire to go again and finish mid table the next season was never in question”

by Guinness Harvey 1 month ago

Jenas says the same thing that I say under the shower when I pretend to be a former football legend giving his opinion on a team’s game and squad except he is getting paid for it

by Salonardes 1 month ago

Imagine asking Jenas about why Players aren't performing and why Liverpool won't win any trophies.

by 五Miracle 1 month ago

The squad is just too thin, that’s why the injuries have hit them hard, the starting 11 can beat anybody in the world, but the squad players are simply not good enough

by Aaron Briggs 1 month ago

This is awkward, Paul Scholes a serial winner and Jermaine Jenas with absolutely no experience of that, yet Jermaine talking like he’s the big time star 🥱

by Tony Lee Currie 1 month ago

Jenas saying Liverpool will comfortably finish in the TOP 4 I wonder if he's willing to bet his house on it.

by David Hunt 1 month ago

They've lost 5 CBs, they brought a new attacking player who has missed more than half the season so far. The new key signing hasn't been able to play the way he likes due to the injuries around him.

by Danaan Ker 1 month ago

They were pumped 7-2 with VVD at the back

by Chalky Arla 1 month ago

Jenas so curious about trophies😂😂😂😂

by Grinna TT 1 month ago

Lol Jermaine Jenas talking about trophies 🤣

by Jaymin Bhatt 1 month ago

Feel sorry for Jenas having to stand next to Scholes, Rio and try to imagine what it was like or what it took to win titles.

by Daniel Woods 1 month ago

I can't take Jenas seriously, he's playing a part

by Puck 1 month ago

This is NOT Just VVD. Remember Without VVD liverpool were top of the table on New years day...
The main Problem is Henderson dropped into that defence. And No service foe front 3 !!!!

by Akbar Jahir 1 month ago

We should give a big round of applause to Pickford he got the Best out of Liverpool all by himself.

by Pep Guardiola 1 month ago

looks like its gonna be another 30 odd years lads...

by Jack O'Connor 1 month ago

Van Dijk is actually the focal point of attack. His calmness, presence and assuredness, allowed Liverpool to attack with eight players. Klopp has made the mistake of trying to fit players into the style Liverpool play with Van Dijk without Van Dijk. Man City were playing poorly at the beginning of the season, dropping many points, Guardiola and his team analysed it, tweaked and made the necessary changes to maximise his style with the players he has at his disposal. Full credit to them. Klopp needs to do something similar.

by D T 1 month ago

Of course they can’t keep it up. Since mid Oct they have never had less than 6 players out.

Take all the centre halves out of the Utd side of the mid 90s and put Keane and Scholes there, make the team play the same number of games in a season shortened by 2 months and I wonder how that would have worked out.

by Barry Jive 1 month ago

Jenas has now probably put more minutes into commentating than he spent on the pitch

by Ian Heffernan 1 month ago

Even though the injuries have effected Liverpool, it has been coming as they were injury free with the same lineup for 3 years.

by Levi Hobden 1 month ago

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