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Hamilton: Non-Stop

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Hello everyone! I am happy to bring to you one of the best musicals in the past decade, HAMILTON. I also would like to apologize for my tardiness with uploading this musical, some school things came up and that had to go first.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this song, all songs belong to the writer Lin-Manuel Miranda. I am just bringing them to you.

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Fun fact: John Jay actually got sick after writing 4, Recovered and wrote another, than got hit with a brick in a Riot.

by Josie S. 1 year ago

In an alternate universe, Hamilton made a musical about Lin Manuel Miranda

by K0D13! 1 year ago

"Burr, you're a better lawyer than me."

by Emily C. 1 year ago

When is someone gonna tell them 25 isnโ€™t divisible by 3?

by Bing Bong 1 year ago

Non-Stop: The Hamilton song full of other Hamilton song references.

by Caitlin Matthews 1 year ago

In the end, They had 85 lines.
Peggy got sick after singing 5.
Angelica sang 29.

by PieceOfCake #asmr 1 year ago

Not going to lie, the first time i heard "AND HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER 51" it felt really good.

by Sol 1 year ago

When the smart kid finishes the project the first day

H O W D O W R I T E L I K E Y O U ' R E R U N N I N G O U T O F T I M E

by Guest B 1 year ago

literally every group project in school ever
The plan was to write 25 essays. In the end they wrote 85 essays. One of the group members did absolutely nothing. Another one did a decent amount of work. And the other one wrote...

by AL Moores 1 year ago

Me to my twin: why do you assume youโ€™re the smartest in the womb?

by Erick Lopez 1 year ago

When you try to sing all 50,000 parts in the end of it

by Cecilpedia 1 year ago

Fun fact: The Federalist Papers were meant to be anonymous, however everyone knew who wrote them

by Little Miss Unoriginal 1 year ago

H A M I L T O N W R O T E T H E O T H E R 5 1

by Junah 2 years ago

Alex: ok so we need 25 essays, 8 for each one and we do a joint essay 5 pages for each got it?
John&James: got it
After 6 months
John: hey sorry, i only finished 5, got hit with a brick
James: no worries, i overshot a little and wrote 29, so were good, How about you Alexander

Alex: Uhhhh so i kind of overshot as well and wrote 51

by Jmfirelord 11 months ago

Eliza: "Alexander."
Alexander: "I have to leave."
Eliza: "Alexander!"
Alexander: "Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now."
Eliza: "Helpless."
Alexander: "They are asking me to leave."
Eliza: "Look around! Isn't this enough?"

Whenever Alex sings, "Look around, looks around at how lucky we are to be alive right now," I want to hit him. Because I can just imagine how hurt and helpless Eliza feels when her husband uses her own words against her. It's horrible.

by Blue_Fire Nova 1 year ago

Why is no one talking about Hamilton saying "I was chose for the constitutional Convention" like a giddy child HOW CUTE

by Taralynn Thompson 1 year ago

Kid trying to cheat: yo let me see what your answers are


Kid: .....wtf...

by Sachiel {Dormant form} 1 year ago

Them: The plan was to write 25 essays divided equally between three men

Me: wait, that's illegal

by emm 1 year ago

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