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Dak Prescott SEVERE Ankle Injury - Doctor Explains NFL Injury

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Dak Prescott of the NFL Dallas Cowboys suffered a severe season ending ankle injury during week 5 of the NFL season. The star quarterback appeared to dislocate and fracture his ankle and is already on his way to get surgery. In this video we'll review the footage and discuss the mechanism of how something like this happens, the relevant anatomy, and then touch on the on field management and some important aspects of Dak's recovery..
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Brian Sutterer MD photo 1 Dak Prescott SEVERE Ankle Injury... Brian Sutterer MD photo 2 Dak Prescott SEVERE Ankle Injury... Brian Sutterer MD photo 3 Dak Prescott SEVERE Ankle Injury... Brian Sutterer MD photo 4 Dak Prescott SEVERE Ankle Injury...

Update since recording: Cowboys confirmed open/compound fracture (bone came through skin) and a dislocation. Dak is having surgery night of the injury.

by Brian Sutterer MD 1 week ago

DAK IS A TROOPER! coming from a steelers fan!

by DJ Cook 1 week ago

This guys voice is calming. He is not overly loud or even quiet. Just perfect.

by SwissZard Gaming 1 week ago

Him slamming it into the ground makes him a certified badass, no argument.

by David DeFratis 1 week ago

Dak had lost his brother and mother before the football season and had been struggling with mental health. He is really a warrior. I would never wish this upon him. Coming from an Eagles fan.

by Robert Croft 1 week ago

Iโ€™m a Huge GIANT fan, but, I never wanna see that happen to any athlete.

by JD 06 1 week ago

Football player: breaks his ankle and is screaming in pain
The cheerleaders: ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ•บ

by Sydney Balk 1 week ago

Even as an Eagles fan, this isn't how you want to see someone go down. Even a cowboy.

by Shonce Silas 1 week ago

Iโ€™m a cowboys fan I pray to god that he comes back stronger than ever. I love Dak and seeimg a good man like him is heartbreaking. Hopefully his future can be secured and can play again because his attributes on/off is greater than just football. Shoutout out to Brian for making an intellectual and informative video. Always love the content

by Havok 1 week ago

Itโ€™s just so sad because this guy was doing so good and heโ€™s been through so much in the past year๐Ÿ’” as a 49ers fan Iโ€™m sending prayers

by sotuur aeei 1 week ago

Tony Romo: Could just be a cramp.

by albmrsky 1 week ago

I cried when I slammed my toes into the corner of the bed ,I can only imagine what Dak is feeling

by JAMES RIVERA 1 week ago

I'll bet $ that DAK was trying to put his ankle back in place to get back in the game. MY PRAYERS GOES OUT TO DAK! GET WELL!

by Calvera H&B MPS & #1 Cowboy Fans 1 week ago

I had a compound fracture and crushed 15 bones in my foot leaving me with 2 fusions. My heart goes out to him and I know the pain he's going through. When I saw the video my foot immediately started to throb. I'm praying for a speedy recovery unlike like me, its been 16 years and I'm still hurting.

by Knox Knox 1 week ago

Me an intellectual: Ah yes of course.

by p t 1 week ago

Shoutout to my grandpa because thatโ€™s the only way he can hear

by Mark Seven 1 week ago

Panthers fan here. Was eating dinner with my girl friend and immediately wanted to vomit. I've never cried for any player not on my team when they get Injured but this is just sad that it happened to him on a prove it contract and how good a guy he us.

by samuel daugherty 1 week ago

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