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$CCIV MERGER: My strategy changed after the CRASH.

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You need to watch this if you have CCIV shares right now. If you are confused as to why the price of the CCIV stock, which is soon to be Lucid Motors ticker symbol, dont worry, In this video explain to you what the confusion was when this whole thing started and what could happen to the price of CCIV Lucid Motors in the next few weeks.
Investors did not like the change in valuation from first 12B to then 15B to now 24B dollars, which in reality does not mean good news in the short term.
TIME STAMPS, 00:00 - CCIV and Lucid Motors Merger Details
01:00 - Fair Market Price Per Share?
02:00 - Strategy on my Equity CCIV Play
03:51 - Also Another NEWS on Lucid Motors (Lucid Gravity)
05:00 - Where is CCIV Going in the Next Few Weeks?
I also lay out my strategy for the CCIV Lucid Motors long hold and tell you my strategy for buying CCIV Lucid Motors tomorrow Tuesday February 23, as its going to be a wild day in the market.
One thing you want to keep in mind, is that there could be a 10% reversal in the market, so if you are trading or currently in some positions, if you see profit take profit, and be careful out there.
So, FINALLY, Lucid Motors has announced and confirmed their plans to merge with the blank check company CCIV. This is the news we were waiting for. If you remember i told you on my last video that i had a feeling that Lucid Motors was going to announce today a merger with CCIV. This happened exactly like that, isn't that exciting.
Lucid Motors merge with CCIV has been said to have an initial combined evaluation of 24B which includes an initial evaluation of 11.75B for Lucid Motors and the rest is for a PIPE's shares offering of $15/share, which would give Lucid Motor's about 4B in cash to start.
We have strong Bullish beliefs for Lucid Motors for the year of 2021, could it be the next Tesla? Is Elon Musk laughing now or worried about the competition that Lucid Motors will bring this year.
This was my latest update on the CCIV stock where we kind of predicted some things, luck?
CCIV Stock Update Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK_wU...
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Leave a comment down below, if you are trading CCIV or if you are waiting to see what happens.
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Disclaimer: These videos are educational and for entertainment purposes and should not solely be taken as financial advice. Nothing I mention in these videos is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, ETF, index, or cryptocurrency.

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