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Laura Lee annoying Jeffree Star for 2 minutes straight

Brett photo 1 Laura Lee annoying Jeffree Star... Brett photo 2 Laura Lee annoying Jeffree Star... Brett photo 3 Laura Lee annoying Jeffree Star... Brett photo 4 Laura Lee annoying Jeffree Star...

when he said "I'm blending right now be quiet" i LOST IT

by anna elise 1 year ago

jeffree doesnt even have to say a word. his face is so expressive lol.

by Bean Bean 10 months ago

laura: “you couldn’t even get me a nice brush”

jeffree: gives her a chanel brush

laura: “that was unnecessary”

by brenda 11 months ago

You can tell when he’s stressed or annoyed because he goes over his gums

by girl genius 9 months ago

Laura is that one girl in school who follows you around everywhere and can’t take a hint.
Edit: holy Mary mother of demons how and why did this get so much likes?! Thanks, you guys

by I’mBoredStudios 1 year ago

He's smiling on the outside, but mentally killing her on the inside.

by Jeddy Bear 1 year ago

Her voice is like Kim Kardashian when she's about to cry

by Yasir Salim 1 year ago

Her voice is the most annoying part of the video smh 🤦‍♀️

by Chelsea Yang 1 year ago

jeffree's like that kid at school that runs everything and is the richest. laura is like that kid that thinks everybody is her friend and she was a horse girl in the 4th grade.

by Robyn Dorris 7 months ago

omfg the cringe during the whole video i felt such secondhand awkwardness

you can tell jeffree let out ALL that urge to kill with that scream im ded

by Kuriko Ribbon 1 year ago

When Jeffree rolls his tongue on his mouth, you know what’s up baby.

by Jiminious_Chimmy 6 months ago

You can tell that Jeffree didn’t like her even before the racism scandal

by Joshua Singh 3 months ago

alternative title: two racists roasting each other for 2 minutes straight

by poisonedpotter _ 2 weeks ago

“Which is really rare” .... oooohhhh. There’s definitely tension in this video. I think they are all too childish for Jeffree.

by Rozanna 11 months ago

I feel like she genuinely enjoyed ruining his brushes.

by April Love 7 months ago

I actually feel sorry for Jeffree she’s so annoying her voice is so nasally

by Lemon Tea 10 months ago

Jeffree being professional, if I were him I would have slap her. Like Laura? That is a chanel's brush!!!

by madria diano 1 year ago

Is that a joke? At ?
Did Laura actually take $2500 worth in points or is Jeffree just playing along with the joke?

by CJ 1 year ago

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