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The Hair Color That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone

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What hair color will best suit your skin??

by Brad Mondo 8 months ago

Brad: “You look MAGNIFICENT!”
Me: on the toilet

by Alayna Marie 8 months ago

colour of veins:-

- [ ] blue/purple - cool skin
- [ ] green/olive - warm skin
- [ ] blue/green - neutral

jewelry test:-

- [ ] silver jewelry - cool skin
- [ ] gold jewelry - warm skin

looking in the mirror test:-

- [ ] yellow <> warm
- [ ] pink/rosy/bluish-red <> cool
- [ ] both <> neutral

sun test - do you tan easily?

- [ ] tan easily - warm
- [ ] burn and turn red - cool

eye colour test:-

- [ ] blue/gray/green/deep brown - cool
- [ ] brown/hazel/honey - warm
- [ ] can be all colour - neutral

* blonde - golden blonde
* brown - warm rich brown with undertones of reds, oranges and yellows
* red - copper, orange undertones
* bright red, bright orange, bright yellow

* blonde - ashy undertones like blues
* brown - no red, orange, yellow or warm undertones; blue, ash undertone
* black - jet black with blue undertones
* red - purple undertones
* gray, green, purple, pink and blue

* each and every colour
* brown - top brown, bottom highlights
* blonde - beige blonde, champagne blonde (neutal undertones)
* wear cool tone hair colour to highlight cool skin tone more; wear warm tone hair colour to highlight warm skin tone more

**but if anyone with some skin tone wants to wear another skin tone's hair colour, wear makeup that suits that hair colour

by Uh Huh 1 month ago

Brad: "Do you tan easily?"
Me: I'm Latina, I was born tan

by Abigail LaFey 2 weeks ago

"check your vein colours on your wrist"
stares at my purple, blue & green veins

by colourhye - 3 weeks ago

Me: What's my skin tone?
Sephora employee: Jade
Ulta employee #2: Yellow
Some other MUA: Neutral
Brad Mondo: Cool
me: 👁👄👁

by Jessica Wen 1 month ago

I’m still waiting for the day when Brad isn’t the only person who calls me beautiful everyday.

by Amberlyn G 8 months ago

Brad: "Not a lot of people have two colored veins."
Me: Having blue green veins.

by Elena Krasina 3 weeks ago

Him: “You look magnificent”
Me: * dressed in pajamas and full of pimples at 1AM * :D intensifies

by Ana Muller 1 month ago

everytime he says that someone has pink undertones on their cheeks i’m like bruh they’re wearing blush

by Debbie de Giorgio 4 weeks ago

Black and Brown people like.... uhhhh none of this applies

by potwhovian 1 month ago

everyone’s watching this video rn during quarantine about to make some Decisions

by krys 6 months ago

Dang it got everyone of the celebs correct still can’t decide on myself lol

by Sarah Grumbine 1 month ago

That annoying moment when you are basically in between every single option🤦‍♀️ Guess I'm just neutral then.

by Abigail Price 1 month ago

Honestly can you just come to my house and do my hair for me cuz at this point I've used up all my brain cells

by Hannah Tse 3 weeks ago

“Think of a fire even if that’s not in summer weather”
As a Californian I disagree 😂

by Kristina Lynn 1 month ago

“what is your skin tone?”
me: laughs in colorblind

by trista darden 7 months ago

“Look at your veins right here.”
points to wrist
stares at tattoo sleeve
‘I have no vein color.’

by My_Butt 1 month ago

Brad: “hi beautiful, you look magnificent today!”
Me: bisexual weeb who doesn’t exercise and only eats junk food that hasn’t brushed my hair in 2 days*
👁👄👁🥺🥺 “I- I’m beautiful? ♥️”

by Yugi hanoko Amane 1 month ago

Do you tan?
Me: Goes outside for 1 second and gets 100 Shades darker—

by Creamcaqe :3 3 weeks ago

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