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Hairdressers Guide To Coloring Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It

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Are you planning on coloring your hair??

by Brad Mondo 5 months ago

he knows he can’t stop us so he decides to help us. what a legend

by anshika prasad 5 months ago

- don’t wash ur hair (for several days)
- cover ur space
- brush ur hair
- seperate in 4 sections( if ur doing ur whole head)
- dry hair

mixing ur bleach or color:
- color;
- 10; any color, for going darker
- 20; also goes darker
- 30; high lift colors, brown > blonde is not going work with only developer.
- 40; -
- bleach;
- 10; doesnt work with bleach
- 20; 1-2 levels to lift.
- 30; recommended! w/ lightner
- 40; is not recommended. is gonna burn.

where to start:
- permanent color; virgin hair;
- start with the mid section, then ends.
- wait 10-15mins end with the roots.
- permanent color, already colored hair;
- the same as above.

application work:
- permanent color;
- gloves!!
- u can camb ur hair.
- bleach;
- use enough beach
- avoid ur roots!!!
- hairbag with bit water over ur head.
- dont camb!!

how long to leave it on:
- permanent color;
- 20/30 mins
- bleach;
- 30mins/ 1hour

- use luke water
- dont crub ur scalp!!
- massage, be gentle
- 2 washes
- condition

- permanent color is not a toner!
- dont use box dye.
- u cant go lighter, only darker.
- purple shampoo is not a toner!

finish and style:
- value the situation.
- be gentle!
- use good products to protect ur hair.


by hasnae 1 week ago

we finally broke him, he's spilling the hairstylist secrets now.
team DIY wins.

by whatsnewlu 1 month ago

i’m confused...i just want to look like narcissa malfoy

update: i look like narcissa malfoy🤭

by conan gray is bae 4 days ago

"We are at our breaking points..."
5 months later
I think you spoke just a bit too soon.

by Kinga Kristóf 1 week ago

I wish I could just like FaceTime him and show him my hair like “BRUH WHAT DO I DOOO”

by Tara Morton 1 month ago

i literally dont know what hes talking about but i am very entertained

by L 2 weeks ago

My mom wants me to bleach and dye her hair.

I'm 13.

Wish me luck

by Rainbow Trashcan 1 month ago

I’m trying to bleach my black hair with zero knowledge about hair whatsoever

by zahraa alnemer 4 days ago

My friend wants me to dye her hair. She said I'm the only one she trusts to do it....

I've never dyed hair?? I have virgin hair???

What did I do to earn this trust????

by Wish 1 month ago

me: needs to take notes for my Chemistry and Economics classes
also me: "I'm gonna take notes on how to properly bleach and color my hair :-)"

by Ada Marre 2 weeks ago

That’s crazy how I did almost everything you said not to do lmaoo

by Cryptic io 1 month ago

BRAD: ..."if you're an average person, you've come to the right place!"

by Sonya Tuuholoaki 2 days ago

Other hairdressers are like, Brad stop telling everyone our secrets.

by Tomato Autumnal 1 month ago

Brad took the phrase “if you can’t beat em, join em” and turned it into “if you can’t stop them, help them” 😂

by Wild Azure 5 months ago

Okay it’s not just me who thought of Draco when I saw level 10 right

by Mckenzie Pelletier 1 week ago

1.8 k dislikes from “pros” charging 500+ for color

by Jennifer x9000 3 weeks ago

Me planning to bleach my hair then use a box hair dye to get midnight blue:

by Kiss Koh 4 days ago

In this house, we colour our hair during a mental breakdown🙃

Jk, I just love changing like a chameleon 😁😁😁

by Kerensa Spencer 2 days ago

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