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Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair Color Transformations

Brad Mondo photo 1 Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair... Brad Mondo photo 2 Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair... Brad Mondo photo 3 Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair... Brad Mondo photo 4 Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair...

me trying to figure out Brad's shirt for 23 mins and 56 secs straight

by Nicole Bidol 6 months ago

What irritates me is her wearing a WHITE top when she dyes her hair BLACK

by Maria May Jackson0522 3 months ago

People are saying that the first girl has "the personality of a rock" when I was laughing the entire time. She is hilariously blunt and honest.

by Reticent Nightingale 3 months ago

Brad Mondo: has over 5 million YouTube followers, is probably the most watched hairdresser on earth, does hair die reactions frequently

Also Brad Mondo: is surprised every time some girl mentions him in a diy hair die video

by Annika Riata 4 months ago

"Jet black": jet is a mineral(oid) that's completely black. That's why we say something's "jet black" lol

by Victoria Díez Lamas 3 months ago

me: 'that looks ok'
brad: 'ewwww its uneven'
me: 'yes, disgusting'

by Kt. xsh 6 months ago

The first girl sounds like she wants to punch everyone in there face
Edit: omg thanks for the likes 🎊💕💎

by XXXHeArTxxx CUPCAKE 4 months ago

The second girl said “I’m not high anymore so I’m gonna smoke more” Bruh

by Alexa Martinez 4 months ago

Brad acting like women aren't absolute simps for him

by pastelmermage 3 months ago

To every girl in this video: GLOVES ARE YOUR FRIEND.

by Kel Bee 4 months ago

is anybody else trying to figure out wtf he’s wearing

by danae alexandra 6 months ago

Random girl: “I hOpE I’m NoT iN a BrAd MoNdO ViDeO”
Brad: ”Imma bout to ruin this whole mans career.”

by ines gacha シ 2 months ago

E-girls are literally my shitty grade 7 "manga" drawings actualized.

by G Ambrosi 2 months ago

Girl: "I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to inhale bleach."
Me sitting on my kitchen floor with my 5 gallon bottle of bleach: 👁️👄👁️

by ⟬⟭ Izzy Shaw ⟭⟬ 2 months ago

“I wonder how many people I just offended. I don’t give a f*ck.”
An idol.

by Alexandra Duffell 2 months ago


by maiphammy 6 months ago

The first girl and the last girl have equal and opposite energies.

by Karen Daniel 3 months ago

I’m so confused, is he wearing a dress shirt with a muscle shirt imprint or am I going crazy???

by Bread Boy 4 months ago

Girl: I heard your not supposed to inhale bleach
Brad: Well.....

Your not supposed to...


by Itz Stormy 3 months ago

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