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Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY!

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Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY!
Bob and Brad demonstrate technqiues to relieve hip pain.
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Bob & Brad photo 1 Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY! Bob & Brad photo 2 Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY! Bob & Brad photo 3 Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY! Bob & Brad photo 4 Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY!

This is the funniest theme tune I have ever heard lol.

by Lee Churchward 9 months ago

In March 2019 I was completely hip replaced. I was advised some exercises to do on regular basis. I am doing that but sometime do not. I still feel pain on the joint side when walk with stick (I am still using stick) without it I feel.more pain.
Can you help me out how I can get rid of pain and stick using. Thanx and regards.

by mohammad iqbal Zahid 4 months ago

This is how bad we need you guys. 1.1million subscribed. How is that not indicative of a health care crisis?

by Move Forward 1 year ago

I've had hip pain in my right hip since I was pregnant with my oldest 12 years ago... I just had him pull my leg after he watched and i can actually walk without pain for the first time in years. Thank you so much!

by Lynette Math Nerd 8 months ago

What if my leg pops when doing that abduction movement (pops moving in both directions)? The one where you were tied up to Liz's knee.

by aej MAMA 1 year ago

I used a therapy band and tied to my bed and my foot and scoot back till itโ€™s pulling my leg. Worked great and actually works better that way. When a person pulls it for you eventually they get tired after 30seconds. Hope this helps.

by Thiago Leal 6 months ago

i had so much pain in my hip it was hard to roll over in bed or get out of bed, or get on the stool. I watch this video last night, stretched it out and so much better. Thanks!

by Kathy Schaben 1 year ago

I tie my leg to the car bumper and my wife will ease on the gas and pull.

by Fred Jaminson 4 months ago

You guys are pulling my leg! Sorry, I could not resist :)

by Danny Hardesty 1 year ago

I had sciatica so bad I could barely stand in the shower. This week I deadlifted 255lbs! And my back is great! Got a lot of great advice from you two so thanks a ton.

by dominick253 1 year ago

I pulled too hard and her prosthetic leg came off :(

by Matt Berry 1 month ago

My pain is when I get up from a sitting position. It hurts a lot until I am finally able to extend my leg fully. Once I am able to walk I am fine.

by Alicia Tran 9 months ago

The stool...duhhh me....I will try this in my daily therapy routine to help my arthritic hip! Thank you!

by Camijo Gault-Keller 1 year ago

I'm only 13 but my hip hurts so badly. I can't walk, I can't stand up, I can't sit down, I cannot do anything without there being an immensely painful feeling in my left hip/lower back. This just randomly started when I woke up yesterday and I think it has something to do with the fact that online school requires me to sit for nearly 6 hours a day. Either way, this is only the second day that this has been happening and I can't take it anymore. I can't even crawl to my room at this point. Can you help?

by Webinare 9 hours ago

Thank you! This is something Iโ€m going to do right now.

by Deneen Peckinpah 8 months ago

I thought that would feel amazing when I seen you start pulling. Canโ€™t wait to get my wife to do this for me ..

by Sonny Jim 9 months ago

I've got no one to pull my leg. I cant just ask a stranger to pull my leg. I'll get arrested ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Dixie Normous 3 months ago

lol... I love, "Don't worry, Bob!" LOL

by forcommenting 8 months ago

For me, it was the psoas muscle that was extremely tight, pulling my hip ball into my socket creating a stabbing pain. Having someone pull my leg was a temporary relief. The fix was using a wooden multi positioning tower which can be found here on YouTube. Wish I had found it 13 years ago. Even after my hip resurfacing was done, the pain continued which stumped surgeons all around the US. I went to Europe as well. The positioning tower causes your psoas muscle to lengthen over time. Stretching the psoas will not work. Muscles are like rubber bands, they come right back which is why you'll only get temporary relief. The tower is 120 bucks but it can change your life. I used it once and all of my hip pain released. I still use it about once or twice a week as my psoas slowly tightens from the 13 years of being tight from a core muscle injury that mesh was used to fix it (mesh has been removed). I even had a psoas lengthening surgically done which didn't help. 4 hip surgeries and 2 groin surgeries. The tower made the most difference.

by Vince Warren 4 months ago

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