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Blueface - Finesse the Beat

#Beat #Finesse #Blueface #the #Music
Music video by Blueface performing Finesse the Beat. 5th Amendment & Entertainment One

#eOne #Music #Rap

BluefaceVEVO photo 1 Blueface - Finesse the Beat BluefaceVEVO photo 2 Blueface - Finesse the Beat BluefaceVEVO photo 3 Blueface - Finesse the Beat BluefaceVEVO photo 4 Blueface - Finesse the Beat

l just like the fact that this guy enjoys himself and beefs with no one...

by thenext bigthing 1 month ago

Blueface the type of guy to shoot the mirror for copying his look

by Rvxes 4 weeks ago

Only people not from tiktok can like this comment

by Prime Kleitus 1 month ago

The random person liking this will be a millionaire some day.

by CBK Judge 1 week ago

lets all be honest : Its not a bad song 🤷🏽‍♂️

by HeyWeirdo j 1 week ago

A parents worst fear is to see his daughter in a blueface video

by rah 1 month ago

That “damnnnn scum” hit so different

by Jovany Medina 1 month ago

It’s said because this is his most on beat song and he titles it finesse the beat

by Ricky Keefer 1 week ago

Blueface: I'm comin over
Girlfriend: My dad is home
Dad: no it's ok i'll leave

by Timothy McConnel 2 weeks ago

No one talks about how blueface gets better at every track he does

by Aquele Mlk 2 weeks ago

Who is better?
Like: Blueface
Comment: 6ix9ine

by Lenny-187 1 month ago

Nobody gonna talk about how he literally flexed his bathroom

by Canned Coochie 4 weeks ago

I can’t tell if this is offbeat or not...

by Alexis Loisel 1 month ago

blueface the type of guy to shoot his phone when they tell him to screen shot

by nicolas rosello 1 month ago

If this is not the best beat drop I’ve ever heard then don’t even think bout liking this comment

by Savage Nation 1 month ago

Blue face: Finesse The Beat
The beat: Finesse The BlueFace

by tylor chouanard 2 weeks ago

I don't complain only fly private
Complain= Com Plane (commercial plane)
Only fly private

I might be looking too deep into that line

by Tik Tok Ads 1 month ago

I miss his vibe when he made like Deadlocs, bleed it, stop cappin you know that gangster in him

by Louis Javier 3 weeks ago

Blueface should put his jeans up for adoption as he clearly cant raise them himself.

by razxr 4 weeks ago

Blueface the type of guy to shoot the mirror for copying his look

by Tubalard Gaming 1 month ago

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