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Romney Says He Won't Block Vote on Trump's SCOTUS Nominee

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Senator Mitt Romney announced Tuesday he’ll support holding a confirmation vote on a new Supreme Court justice, dealing a crushing blow to Democrats’ hopes of stalling a nominee until Inauguration Day.
"I think at this stage it's appropriate to look at the Constitution, and to look at the precedent which has existed since the beginning of our country's history," Romney explained.
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I find it so amusing that the Left even uses the phrase "the Constitution" - and they are not laughed out of the room.

Every initiative they push is to subvert the Constitution; to figure out loopholes around the constitution to advance their agenda.

They don't see the Constitution as a document for the people to protect their rights. They see it as a document which stands in their way.

The main theme of the constitution is limited government in the people's every day lives - yet this is in stark contrast to Dems objective of expanded government and regulatory actions over peoples lives.

by Basement Wood shop 3 weeks ago

If Schumer can't even get swing voter Romney to commit to stalling the nomination process, then the writing is on the wall. Trump will get his third SCOTUS justice inside of his first term. Politics aside, it's quite astonishing.

by Jimmy Kimmel In BlackFace 3 weeks ago

Wow.. even him.. this democracy really ain't 💩.. total hypocrite!!!!!

by Patrick Mitchell 3 weeks ago

I have listened to his comments more than once, and when he said “as opposed to looking into the sky” his corruption and bias was on full display. And said with a smile, of course. I gave him credit once that he had integrity and honor. Not any more. Never again after this.

by Libby Workman 3 weeks ago

So this man voted to impeach the same man he’ll vote for to nominate a Supreme Court Justice😂
Before you liberals think for one second I’m on your side, I’d vote Lagao in a heartbeat and hope Trump does so this weekend in Miami😇

by Smitty Fan 3 weeks ago

I have the stars in my right hand senator,,,,,,,tell the people to follow gods law.....E.PLURBIS unum

by harley davidson 3 weeks ago

"I just hope he's a team player".... so Trump said a year ago.... MIT are you a team.....player....a GOP(gag on poop) player or a U.S. Senator player....

by Jim Mason 3 weeks ago

He made his decision based on the love of money and power.

by Robert Johnson 3 weeks ago

They all have the same lying talking points

by Gary Hanick 3 weeks ago

Amy Coney Barrett is VERY Pro Life and 2nd Amendment, UTAH is VERY Pro Life, Romey is forced.

by Joseph Gelpi 3 weeks ago

still, a Rhino...vote him out.

by epi pi 2 weeks ago

And there we have it, folks, 6-3 conservative supermajority of SCOTUS is now a certainty.
Chuck Grassley and Cory Gardner are also for it.

by 沁水灣 3 weeks ago

The honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg was opposed by men like Mitt Romney her entire career. Think about that. God rest her soul. I will grieve for her loss a very long time. Men like Mitt Romney were not worthy even to clean her shoes. I am glad she married a man who had honor and integrity and valued her as his equal partner.

by Libby Workman 3 weeks ago

Funny how they list precedent as the reason why they should vote on it when the presedent in 2016 was a nominee get hearings and an up-or-down vote.

Democrats should every tactic possible to stop it since the Republicans did in 2016 with bogus excuses on not even giving Garland hearings.

Republicans need to pay at the ballot box.

by Zz Man 3 weeks ago


by Sal Lizandro 3 weeks ago

Looks like this seat is getting filled. Wonder if the left will impeach in a panic hissy fit to attempt a block further eroding any support they have left with those still on the fence.

by Mr Wrestling 3 weeks ago

Romney didn’t say he’ll vote yes. Read his statement again

by Neo Luddite 3 weeks ago

Well he's more articulate than Trump. He may have lost to Obama before but he was by no means a bad candidate for president. Can't he run again?

by Twig 2 weeks ago

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