impeaching donald trump can unite americans rep jim mcgovern

bloomberg-quicktake-now photo 1 impeaching donald trump can unite... bloomberg-quicktake-now photo 2 impeaching donald trump can unite... bloomberg-quicktake-now photo 3 impeaching donald trump can unite... bloomberg-quicktake-now photo 4 impeaching donald trump can unite...

The “elites” totally out of touch with the people

by Black Mouth 1 week ago

These people are out of there mind

by Rob Trout 1 week ago

You think it's bad now impeach him and it'll be even worse I don't know what our government is doing they're hiding something

by Millard Villers 1 week ago

Unification??? Sounds like North Korea already.

by Jon q doe 1 week ago

How can you unite the people when your not even “for the people”?

by Rico Hernandez Jr. 1 week ago

Was he at the Capitol?!? What planet is this guy from?

by NinjaRunningWild 1 week ago

I think y’all could unify by giving people money to people who desperately need it.

by Bruce Lee 1 week ago

"Let's unify the country by spitting in the face of half the country."

by Malone Mantooth 1 week ago

This guy is a fool if he thinks this will unite the nation

by Shawn Evans 1 week ago

"My nipples are very sensitive." -Arnold Schwarzenegger, from the acclaimed motion picture, Junior.

by Storm Blessed 1 week ago

This guy needs to reread the definition of unity.

by Ian Moline 1 week ago

"I'm a big, fat, phoney. " -Douche, 2021

by Anthony Blake 1 week ago

Why the sudden apprehension, fear, worry. He was in office 4, 4 yrs

by Royston Boodoo 1 week ago

Ok, so When is Maxine waters getting impeached for literally saying commit violence against republicans?

by R TJR 1 week ago

It’s doing the complete opposite but ok. I’m gonna be petty and never forget how power hungry demonrats are

by DeeJay Phonzo 1 week ago

Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon,

Like so more people can see this

by Notafratdude 1 week ago

"Those who would trade privacy for a bit of security deserve neither privacy nor security." They are clearly concerned only for their safety and are completely out of touch with what's going on in the country they govern in.

by SealTeamRick 1 week ago

McGovernis is dead wrong it will only divide our nation even more.

by Common Sense 1 week ago

democrats wants to erase everyone against them, like a dictatorship did, they are the new dictatorship
democrats are a danger for the world

by a Fuentes 1 week ago

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