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WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The Worst Is Yet to Come'

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The head of the World Health Organization called all countries to overcome any political differences and fight the virus in unison.
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday that the coronavirus exploited divisions among nations.
He said everyone needed to work together to defeat it.
"The worst is yet to come," he warned. "That's why we have to... fight this dangerous virus together."
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Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 1 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The... Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 2 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The... Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 3 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The... Bloomberg QuickTake News photo 4 WHO on Coronavirus Pandemic: 'The...

this guy should have lost his job months ago

by J. L 1 weeks ago

Sorry, but you're like the boy who cried wolf.... No one believes a word that comes out of your mouth anymore.

by fpv flyer 1 weeks ago

The WHO is a component of the Chinese government. They’re “information” is useless

by joseph sammartino 1 weeks ago

Why this guy keeping jumping out as a news reporter? It is not helpful.

by A L 1 weeks ago

They just keep repeating the same thing every month.

by Yandere Fangirl 2 weeks ago

Ask him if Taiwan exists. His answer is all you need to know.

by Rosey Palm Trees 1 weeks ago

You're not trustworthy. We don't believe you. You've lost all credibility.

by Mean Bean Productions 1 weeks ago

Good thing he has no clue what he's talking about.

by DunDunDun 1 weeks ago

I dont give a single flying f what WHO says. They've lost ALL credibility.

by AngryPanda 1 weeks ago

Maybe if you didn't lie to us from the beginning things would be a little different...

by Droppin Bass 1 weeks ago

how is this guy still the head of WHO?

by Brian Kim 1 weeks ago

I just can't trust this guy.... not after the way he handled China

by Bill N 1 weeks ago

why are they acting like they still have any credibility left? clowns

by alex 1 weeks ago

This moment brought to you by foreshadowing: because it’s always just about to happen.

by kyle stephens 1 weeks ago

2020 the year the world blamed the virus for everything.

by Roselynne 2 weeks ago

More thumbs down!!!!
No one believe you sir. Close down WHO?!!

by Roy Galindo 1 weeks ago

I would have had a lot more respect for the WHO if they hadn't sucked up to China and their obvious lies and coverups at the beginning of all this.

by Dan Hitchman 1 weeks ago

The face of the new world order 😮🤫

by Richard Young 1 weeks ago

Geesh! Can this horror movie already end? These people at the W.H.O are the actual terrorists!!

by Oscar Cantu 1 weeks ago

They've literally said the same exact bs for 3 months now lol. All of WHO is a big joke.

by Chris Perez 1 weeks ago

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