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Trump Slams Nevada Governor Over Criticism for Holding Indoor Rally

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President Donald Trump responded Tuesday to a World Trade Organization ruling that Trump administration tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods are illegal.
Speaking to reporters on the South Lawn before heading to Pennsylvania for a town hall, Trump said it was the first he was hearing of the ruling, which came down moments before his appearance.
But he said his administration will "have to do something about the WTO because they let China get away with murder," adding that he's "not a big fan of the WTO."
In its decision, the WTO’s dispute settlement body ruled against the U.S. government's argument that China has wrongly engaged in practices harmful to U.S. interests on issues including intellectual property theft and technology transfer.
The decision marks the first time that the Geneva-based trade body has ruled against a series of high-profile tariffs that Trump's government has imposed on a number of countries - allies and rivals alike. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the WTO treats the U.S. unfairly.
The president also took aim at his former Defense Secretary, General James Mattis, following revelations in journalist Bob Woodward's new book about Mattis' time in the administration.
Woodward claims the then-Defense Secretary went to the Washington National Cathedral to pray about the nation's future under Trump as commander in chief. It also alleges Mattis told former National Intelligence Director Dan Coats that "there may come a time when we have to take collective action” because Trump is “dangerous” and “unfit” to be president.
Trump told reporters Tuesday he's "not a big fan of General Mattis," calling him "a very overrated general."
Lastly, the president took on the Democratic governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, after he criticized Trump for holding an indoor rally Sunday night at a manufacturing facility in Henderson.
The state restricts gatherings to 50 people - based on White House reopening guidelines -- but thousands of supporters packed into the warehouse nonetheless. Few people wore masks.
Trump blamed the governor, insisting his campaign wanted an outdoor rally but Sisolak shut them all down.
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I know why this doesn't make sense to me. I haven't drank enough today

by Matt Gill 1 week ago

There's always Two and a Half Million people waiting outside his rallies that can't get in. Sometimes, billions. Like no one has ever seen before.

by donald dunlop 1 week ago

Trump is strange 🤔. You promoting a vaccine but no mask. Im confused 😕

by Susan hkhgffg 1 week ago


by j bo 1 week ago

Living in Las Vegas, this 25,000 people is a highly exaggerated number lol

by indoninja95 1 week ago

Biden was still holding maskless rallies in March, after Trump had an order preventing planes from Asia into the USA. The airlines in California were allowing planes from China anyway (like to the airport in San Francisco), and maybe others were too.

by ian 1 week ago

I don’t think in today’s heatwave people could take an outdoor venue

by Mae Hedding 1 week ago

notice those three in the background

by Obai Kamal 1 week ago

When Trump says things like protesters "get away with it," he doesn't sound smart. Police and Fire responding to emergencies haven't been "called on the carpet" for proper distancing or refusing to enter buildings in numbers under rules ftom the White House greater numbers than allowed in Social Distancing Rules. We have not sent them home from bank robberies or Fires. And another thing, enough with the blaming of democrats for badly run cities. All cities over a certain population are democrat. Trump, that is because concentrated populations in a limited space know democratic governing is immensely superior to Republican! Notice all are Democratic. He knows this. He just wants to argue.

by C 1 week ago

I ain't buying this, what are they going to arrest him for being outside in the desert. I bet he just wanted to be in the air conditioning/shade.

by Toad Phillips 1 week ago

Why is mike Bloomberg making positive video about trump

by Smaldini 1 week ago

These superspreader events need to be investigated and reported on and much as any other large crowd event. If the state won't allow concerts, trump should not be allowed to hold a rally. The actions of trump are undermining public health that is in crisis right now!

by doug - 1 week ago

The only thing "forcing" a rally during a pandemic is his VANITY and legendary negligence...

by Bruno Straub 1 week ago

so paint me this he downplayed the virus so it wouldnt cause panic and he is definitely aware how deadly corona is yet he holds rallies. its their choice to go to rallies but if Trump wouldnt start the assembly then they can be at home safely. How are people buying this?

by Play With Your Food 1 week ago

Governor Sisolak is dumpster juice

by aaron hall 1 week ago

Trump has rallies inside everyday and he will go down for being known as the best president that says do as I say, not as I do.

by M B 1 week ago

if you think trump supporters are sitting idly by you are in for a big surprise. We Biden supporters must work hard to turn out the vote. Brown, Black, White, Elderly, Young All of us must do our part to defeat trump and his GOP enablers in Congress.

by J Flow 1 week ago

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