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Hong Kong Leader Says Security Law 'Most Important Development'

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Chief Executive Carrie Lam called sweeping new national security legislation the “most important development” in relations between Hong Kong and China since the city’s handover.
The law came into force just ahead of the July 1 anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China from British rule in 1997, a symbolic occasion usually marked by mass protests against Beijing. An appeals panel upheld an unprecedented police ban against a Civil Human Rights Front rally planned for Wednesday, although some activists said they would march anyway.
The legislation, which was published in full only as it took effect, called for sentences as long as life in prison for the most serious cases of terrorism, secession, subversion of state power and collusion with foreign forces. Earlier Tuesday, President Xi Jinping personally signed an order promulgating the legislation. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “deeply concerned” about the law, and Australia said it was “troubled.” The Trump administration vowed “strong actions.”
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Carrie Lam just threw the Hong Kong people under the bus and then drove over them. Then backed up and drove over them again.

by Dan Hitchman 2 months ago

Dude, this is scary... Can America and England take in the Hong Kong people who want to leave?

by Justin Watkins 2 months ago

Title should read "Xi's Mouthpiece in Hong Kong Says...:

by K0nc3pt10n 2 months ago

Bloomberg will forever suck at Xi's money spigot as long as there is ALWAYS ANY kind of business opportunity to be had.

by Jimmy Bon 2 months ago

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong serves the CCP. Taiwan is the last stand of Chinese Direct Democracy. By birthright I oppose the legacy of Mao Zedong.

by David Adam Michael chen חן 2 months ago

History will remember her as the one who sold Hong Kong to China even before the the transition period.

by Kim Jong- Un 2 months ago

She just threw all Hong Kongers under the bus, see that smile and sense of joy on her face. Uncle Ji accomplished what Carrie could not.

by Tat Kwong 2 months ago

Pray for the citizens of Hong Kong

by Derek Fisher 2 months ago

Yes, a brutal totalitarian regime illegally seizing a territory is a “most important development”... just not of the kind she might think.

by Roland Fraser 2 months ago

Carrie the Pro-China chief.

by Kangan Kun 2 months ago

The CCP is violating their treaty they signed when Hong Kong was given back to them by the British. They are absolutely spineless. I hope they get punished for this somehow, but I highly doubt anything will happen. This is such a tragedy. I support the people of Hong Kong and hope they get their freedom back.

by Pepe McFrog 2 months ago

Anybody notice that Carrie Lam is wearing very shiny lip gloss? She might have a special meeting with Winnie the Pooh after this!

by Evil Pikachu 2 months ago

There was an English segment given by Carrie Lam. Why didn’t Bloomberg show it ? Let Carrie Lam speak for herself n let us judge her veracity.

by UpNfamish2 2 months ago

In layman's terms: let's all give up our civil liberties so we are safe from scary America and other countries

by Anon Doe 2 months ago

She is a horrendous person. Most important development? More like the most heartbreaking.

by Phanto 2 months ago

She’s upgraded her hair, makeup and lost mask for this pressie

by duangjais 2 months ago

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