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Ray Dalio on the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

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Apr.15 -- Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of investment management firm Bridgewater Associates, talks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker on the "Bloomberg Invest Talks" webcast about the long-term economic implications of the coronavirus crisis and what can be expected moving forward.

Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 1 Ray Dalio on the Economic... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 2 Ray Dalio on the Economic... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 3 Ray Dalio on the Economic... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 4 Ray Dalio on the Economic...

Jesus Bloomberg, give the guy room to finish! Remember he is a lot smarter then you guys so shut up and listen!

by emergerq 5 months ago

I wish Joe Rogan would interview Ray for 3 hours straight. Don't friggin interrupt RAY !

by Wolf Y2k 5 months ago

What a terrible interviewer. Your job as an interviewer is to do one thing: listen. We're not here to listen to you, Erik.

by Kyle Christopher 4 months ago

I feel like people on these financial channels just want their guests to say when the markets are going to go up again. That's all they want. They're not curious about what's going on.

by Michael Christensen 5 months ago

Erik, the Editor at large, ... seemed to be wanting Ray to tell him where the right fishing hole is ... while Ray was trying to tutor us on how and when to fish. You know what I mean?

by B KL 4 months ago

it seems it is JUST not me feeling that the host is not "good" enough to host Ray Dalio.

by Homeversity 5 months ago

Dalio is incredible - such wisdom, sad the interviewer felt the need to interject.

by WanderLust 5 months ago

This interviewer is so talented. He managed to make the most interesting man in the financial space completely unwatchable. ๐Ÿ™„ FML

by Craig M 4 months ago

Poor Ray, always gets cut off by the interviewer. Let Ray Speak please!

by Nicholas Varro 5 months ago

"Editor-at-large", take some lessons from these comments and learn how to be a better interviewer!

by DaxXx988 4 months ago

Interviewer should have stopped at โ€œwhat do you think Rayโ€

by David Mostert Vlogs 4 months ago

This guy is very rude keep on interrupting Ray. An example of bad interview.

by aldotjahjadi 5 months ago

Peter Schiff is glib. Ray seems nervous...

by Dexter Haven 5 months ago

That interviewer ruined an opportunity for viewers to take home many key points. Frustrating!

by Velocity Ventures 5 months ago

This was not an interview. It was a guy reading a list of questions with no intention of getting an answer or the brains to listen or understand the answer in full ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ

by Craig M 4 months ago

the reporter feels obligated to interject, but its annoying and unnecessary.

by jrborgify 4 months ago

Gosh the interviewer is annoying, trying to sound smart by long-Ass sentences, Ray is right: you are not adequately... an interviewer is to put the question across punctual and simple~

by Ting Wang 4 months ago

Erik "Ray I have a question for you"
Ray "Well, "
Erik "Ray I have an interruption for you, I promise this will be one of many"

by Jon Hollins 4 months ago

One of the funniest interviews Iโ€™ve ever seen. Ray Dalio is the only investor with institutional money who tells the truth about the economy. This bloomberg interviewer wants to ask surface level stupid questions. Hilarious.

by Jackson Burch 5 months ago

The interviewer needs to sthu, let the genius speak

by Rafa Syed 4 months ago

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